Kubota L47TL, M62TL Tractor Operators Manual

Kubota L47TL, M62TL Tractor
Before operating the tractor on the road or before applying the parking brake, be sure to interlock the right and left pedals as illustrated below. Use individual brakes to assist in making sharp turns at slow speeds (Field Operation Only). Disengage the brake pedal lock and depress only one brake pedal. Be sure brake pedals have equal adjustment when using locked together.

HST Response Control
HST response control is used to set the start-up response when you step on the speed control pedal and the engine brake effect when you release the pedal. Set the HST response control toward "FAST", and the response level gets quicker. Set it toward "SLOW" to havea slower response level. When you move the tractor forward and backward repeatedly, during loader operations, for example, set the HST response control toward "FAST". It helps improve the working efficiency. When using "STALL GUARD" with PTO powered implements, the tractor automatically adjust for optimum response.


  1. If you intend to store your tractor for an extended period of time, follow the procedures outlined below.
  2. These procedures will insure that the tractor is ready to operate with minimum preparation when it is removed from storage.
  3. Check the bolts and nuts for looseness, and tighten if necessary.
  4. Apply grease to tractor areas where bare metal will rust also to pivot areas.
  5. Detach the weights from the tractor body.
  6. Inflate the tires to a pressure a little higher than usual.
  7. Change the engine oil and run the engine to circulate oil throughout the engine block and internal moving parts for about five minutes.
  8. Pull the engine stop knob all the way out.
  9. With all implements lowered to the ground, coat any exposed hydraulic cylinder piston rods with grease.
  10. Remove the battery from the tractor. Store the battery following the battery storage procedures.(See "Battery condition" in "EVERY 100 HOURS" in "PERIODIC SERVICE" section)
  11. Keep the tractor in a dry place where the tractor is sheltered from the elements. Cover the tractor.
  12. Store the tractor indoors in a dry area that is protectedfrom sunlight and excessive heat. If the tractor must bestored outdoors, cover it with a waterproof tarpaulin.Jack the tractor up and place blocks under the frontand rear axles so that all four tires are off the ground.Keep the tires out of direct sunlight and extreme heat.

Kubota L47TL M62TL Operators Manual

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