Kubota L3301, L3901 Operators Manual

Kubota L3301, L3901 Operators Manual
Kubota L3301 and L3901 Tractor Operators Manual

Read and understand this manual carefully before operating the tractor. All operators, no matter how much experience they may have, should read this and other related manuals before operating the tractor or any implement attached to it. It is the owner's obligation to instruct all operators in safe operation.

Kubota L3301
Operator safety is a priority. Safe operation, specifically with respect to overturning hazards, entails understanding the equipment and environmental conditions at the time of use. Some prohibited uses which can affect overturning hazards include traveling and turning with implements and loads carried too high etc. This manual sets forth some of the obvious risks, but the list is not, and cannot be, exhaustive. It is the operator's responsibility to be alert for any equipment or environmental condition that could compromise safe operation.

Kubota L3901
Always sit in the operator's seat when starting engine or operating levers or controls. Adjust seat per instructions in the operating the tractor section. Never start engine while standing on the ground.

Before starting the engine, make sure that all levers (including auxiliary control levers) are in their neutral positions, that the parking brake is engaged, and that both the clutch and the Power Take-Off (PTO) are disengaged or "OFF". Fasten the seat belt if the tractor has a CAB or a foldable ROPS in the upright and locked position


  1. Wait until all moving components have completely stopped before getting off the tractor, connecting,disconnecting, adjusting, cleaning, or servicing any PTO driven equipment.
  2. Keep the PTO shaft cover in place at all times.Replace the PTO shaft cap when the shaft is not in use.
  3. Before installing or using PTO driven equipment, read the manufacturer's manual and review the safety labels attached to the equipment.
  4. When operating stationary PTO driven equipment,always apply the tractor parking brake and place chocks behind and in front of the rear wheels. Stay clear of all rotating parts. Never step over rotating parts.

For service, contact the KUBOTA Dealership from which you purchased your tractor or your local KUBOTA Dealer.When in need of parts, be prepared to give your dealer the tractor, CAB/ROPS and engine serial numbers.
Locate the serial numbers now and record them in the space provided.


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