Kubota L235-L275 Operator's Manual

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You are now the proud owner of KUBOTA L235/L275. This tractor is a product of Kubota quality engineering and manufacturing, it is made of the finest materials and under rigid quality control system.It will give you long, satisfactory service. To obtain the best use of your tractor, please read this manual carefuliy. It will help you become familiar with the operation of the tractor and contains many helpful hintsabout tractor maintenance, It is Kubota's policy to utilize as quickly as possible every advance in our research. The immediate useof new techniques in the manufacture of products may cause some small parts of this manual to be outdated, Kubota distributors and dealers will have the most upto-date informations. Please do not hesitate to consult with them.

Your dealer is interested in your new tractor and has the desire to help you get the most value from it. After reading this manual thoroughly, you will find that you can do some of the regular maintenance yourself.

However, when in need of parts or major service, be sure to see your KUBOTA dealer. For service, contact the KUBOTA Dealership from which you purchased your tractor or your local authorized KUBOTA dealer.

When in need of parts, be prepared to give your dealer both the tractor and engine serial numbers. The tractor serial number is located on the transmission housing on the right-hand side of the tractor. The engine serial number is located on the engine crankcase, right side. Locate the serial numbers nowand record them in the space provided.

The Kubota L235/L275 tractors have been thoroughly tested for proper performance with implements sold or approved by KUBOTA. Use with implements which exceed the maximum specifications listed below, or which are otherwise unfit for use with the Kubota L235/ L275 tractors may result in malfunctions or failures of the tractor, damage to other property and injury to the operator or others. [Any malfunctions or failures of the tractor resulting from use with improper implements are not covered by the warranty.]

How a new tractor is handled and maintained determines the life of the tractor. A new tractor just off the factory production line has been, of course, well fitted and tested, but the various parts are not accustomed to severe types of work, so care should be taken to operate the tractor for the first 100 hours at a slower speed and avoid excessive work or operation until the various parts become well "broken-in." The manner in which the tractor is handled during the "breaking-in" period greatly affects the life of your tractor. Therefore, to obtain the maximum performance and the longest life of the tractor, it is very important to properly break-in your tractor. In handling a new tractor the following precautions should be well observed.

Kubota L235-L275 User Manual

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