Kubota GR2020G, GR2120, GR2120AU Tractor Operators Manual

Kubota GR2020G, GR2120, GR2120AU Tractor Operators Manual
Kubota GR2020G/ GR2120/ GR2120AU Lawn and Garden Tractor

After reading this manual thoroughly, you will find that you can do some of the regular maintenance yourself. Your dealer is interested in helping you get the best performance from your new machine and wants to help you get the most value from it. When in need of parts or major service, be sure to see your KUBOTA Dealer. When in need of parts, be prepared to give your dealer the machine, engine and mower serial numbers. Locate the serial numbers now and record them in the space provided.

Kubota GR2020G
This machine is warranted under the Kubota Limited Express warranty a copy of which may be obtained from your selling dealer. No warranty shall, however, apply if the machine has not been handled according to the instruction given in the Operator's Manual even it is within the warranty period.

Scrapping the machine and its procedure
To put the machine out of service, correctly follow the local rules and regulations of the country or territory where you scrap it. If you have questions, consult your local KUBOTA Dealer.

Kubota GR2120
The KUBOTA Machine has been thoroughly tested for properperformance with implements sold or approved by KUBOTA.Use of implements which exceed the maximum loading weight listed below, or which are not recommended for use with the KUBOTA Machine may result in malfunctions or failuresof the machine, damage to other property and injury to the operator or others. (Any malfunctions or failures of themachine resulting from use with improper implements are not covered by the warranty.)

The mower lift stoppers are designed for maintaining the balance of the mower deck, when lifting the mower to the highest position. Make sure that the stoppers are in contact with the underside of the frame.
To adjust:

  1. Lift the mower to the highest position.
  2. Loosen the lock nuts and adjust the stoppers on both sides so that the bolt heads are in contact with the underside of the frame.
  3. Lower the mower deck.
  4. Turn the stoppers counterclockwise a half turn, and then secure the lock nuts.

Kubota GR2120AU
Warm-up and Transmission Oil in the LowTemperature Range: Hydraulic oil serves as transmission fluid. In cold weather,the oil may be cold with increased viscosity. This can cause delayed oil circulation or abnormally low hydraulic pressure for some time after engine start-up. This in turn can result in trouble in the hydraulic system or a damage to the hydraulic clutch.