Kubota GF1800-R-2, GF1800E-R-2 Front Mount Tractor Operators Manual

You are now the proud owner of a KUBOTA FRONT MOWER Kubota GF1800-R-2, kubota GF1800E-R-2. This machine is a product of KUBOTA's quality engineering and manufacturing. It is made of excellent materials and under a rigid quality control system. It will give you long, satisfactory service. To obtain the best use of your machine, please read this manual carefully. It will help you become familiar with the operation of the machine and contains many helpful hints about machine maintenance. It is KUBOTA's policy to utilize, as quickly as possible, every advance in our research. The immediate use of new techniques in the manufacturing of products may cause some small parts of this manual to become outdated. KUBOTA distributors and dealers will have the most up-to-date information. Please do not hesitate to consult them.

Kubota GF1800-R-2
Your dealer is interested in your new machine and has the desire to help you get the most value from it. After reading this manual thoroughly, you will find that you can do some of the regular maintenance yourself. However, when in need of parts or major service, however,be sure to see your KUBOTA dealer. For service, contact the KUBOTA Dealership from which you purchased your machine or your local authorized KUBOTA dealer.

Kubota GF1800E-R-2
When in need of parts, be prepared to give your dealer both the machine and engine serial numbers. The machine serial number is located on the frame on the left-hand side of the machine. The engine serial number is located on the engine crankcase, right side. Locate the serial numbers now and record them in the space provided.


  1. When using your mower for the first time, choosea smooth level area and cut in straight and slightlyoverlapping strips.
  2. The size and type of the area to be mowed willdetermine the proper mowing pattern. Take into accountobstructions, such as trees, fences and buildings. Tokeep grass cuttings off fences, sidewalks, etc., it isadvisable to go over the outside of the area to be mowedseveral times in a clockwise direction. To mow the arearemaining, work in a counterclockwise direction so thecuttings are dispersed onto the previously cut area.
  3. Always keep the left side of the mower toward trees,posts or other obstacles on the first trip around theobstacle.
  4. Most lawns should be mowed to keep the grassapproximately 50 to 80 mm (2 to 3 in.) high. Best resultsare obtained by cutting often and not too short. To keepa green lawn, never mow more than one third of theheight of the grass or a maximum of 25 mm (1 in.) in onemowing.
  5. For extremely tall grass, set the cutting height at maximum height for the first mowing, then reset to the desired height and mow again. Allow the grass to grow to 8 cm (3 in.), then cut off only the top inch.
  6. On thick, springy grass or soft ground, the mower rollersmay sink into ground giving too low a cut. Adjust the cutting height to get the desired height of cut.
  7. For best appearance, grass should be cut in theafternoon or evening when it is free of moisture.

Kubota GF1800-R-2 Operators Manual

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