Komatsu WB97S-2/M/WEAM000704/WB97S-2 Shop Manual

Every machine is scrupulously adjusted and tested before delivery. A new machine, however, must be used carefully for the first 100 hours, in order to ensure proper running-in of the various components.

If the machine is subjected to excessive work load at the beginning of operation, its potential yield and its functionality will be shortly and untimely reduced. Every new machine must be used carefully, paying special attention to the following indications:

  • After the start, let the engine idle for 5 minutes, in such a way as to warm it up gradually before actual operation.
  • Avoid operating the machine with the limit loads allowed or at high speed.
  • Avoid abrupt starts or accelerations, useless sudden decelerations and abrupt reversals.
  • After the first 250 hours, carry out the following operations, in addition to those to be performed every 250 hours:
  1. Change the hydraulic transmission oil and filter.
  2. Change the differential unit oil (front and rear axle).
  3. Change the oil in the final reduction gears (front and rear axle).
  4. Check and adjust the engine valve clearance.
  5. Change the hydraulic circuit oil filter.

On machines in which the synthetic biodegradable oil type HEES is used, the following operations are to be performed besides the standard maintenance operations:

  1. After the first 50 hours of operation, change the hydraulic circuit drain filter.
  2. After the first 500 hours of operation, change the hydraulic circuit oil.

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