Komatsu HD785-7 Service Manual

Komatsu HD785-7 Service Manual
Komatsu HD785-7 Repair Manual

Komatsu HD785-7 Repair Manual. High Performance Komatsu SAA12V140E-3 Engine. This engine delivers faster acceleration and higher travel speeds with high horsepower per ton. Advanced technologies, such as High Pressure Common Rail injection system (HPCR), air-to-air aftercooler and efficient turbo-charger enables the engine to be EPA Tier 2 emission certified. High torque at low speed, impressive acceleration, and low fuel consumption ensure maximum productivity.

Komatsu HD785-7 Service Manual. Mode Selection System with VHPC. The system allows selection of the appropriate engine output mode <Power mode > or <Economy mode>, according to the working condition. The mode is easily selected with the switch in the operator’s cab. When the key switch is turned on, Economy mode is selected automatically. Power mode can be selected by using the switch when needed.

Komatsu HD785-7 Parts Catalogue. Variable HorsePower Control (VHPC). Both in Power and Economy modes, the VHPC system detects whether the machine is loaded or unloaded and selects the optimum horsepower setting mode, providing both high production and low fuel consumption.

F7-R2 (RH/RL) Fully Automatic Transmission. The transmission is configured with 7 forward and 2 reverse gears. Fully automatic control is applied to all forward gears and an optimum gear is automatically selected according to the travel speed and engine speed. The shifting point is automatically selected depending on the acceleration of the machine to reduce excessive fuel consumption.

Komatsu HD785-7 Workshop Manual. Two-speed Selective Reverse Gears (RH/RL). In order to meet various operating conditions, two reverse gears are provided. The switch on the panel allows the operator to usually select the appropriate gear for the application, RH or RL depending on the job site conditions. Furthermore, the reverse gear is equipped with a lockup clutch, just like forward gears, allowing the operator to reverse the machine without concern of overheating.
RH: Suitable for normal operation. Thanks to the lockup clutch, the machine can be reversed at higher speed.
RL: Suitable

Komatsu HD785-7 UserManual. Anti-pitching 4-wheel Oil-cooled Multiple Disc Retarder (AP-FOUR). The machine is equipped with 4-wheel retarder AP-FOUR that applies retarding force on all four wheels. With this retarder, the retarding force is shared between four wheels. This reduces the possibility of tire-lock and enables effective use of retarder capacity, allowing stable downhill travel. The machine descends slopes smoothly and comfortably without machine body pitching since retarding force on front and rear wheels is controlled independently.

Komatsu HD785-7. Auto Retard Speed Control (ARSC). ARSC allows the operator to simply set the downhill travel speed and descend grades at a constant speed. This allows the operator to concentrate on steering. The speed can be set at increments of 1 km/h per click (within ±5 km/h) to match the optimum speed for the slope. The retarder cooling oil temperature is constantly monitored and the descent speed is automatically reduced, if necessary.

Komatsu HD785-7 Owner Manual. Reducing Hydraulic Losses & Optimizing Transmission Control. Hydraulic circuits such as brake cooling, steering, hoist control, etc. are thoroughly reviewed and the transmission control is optimized to reduce the fuel consumption. As a result, the fuel consumption at medium and light load operations are improved.

Komatsu Components, Komatsu manufactures the engine, torque converter, transmission, hydraulic units, and electronic components on this dump truck. All these components are manufactured with an integrated production system under strict quality control guidelines.