Komatsu WB91-93/M/WEAM002304/WB91R/WB93R-2 Shop Manual

Komatsu WB91-93/M/WEAM002304/WB91R/WB93R-2 Shop Manual
Komatsu WB91-93/M/WEAM002304/WB91R/WB93R-2 Maintenance Manual

Komatsu Service Manual. This manual has been carried out by Komatsu Utility in order to supply their customers with all the necessary information on the machine and the safety regulations related to it, together with the use and maintenance instructions that enable the operator to exploit the capacity of the machine with optimal results and to keep the machine efficient over time.

Komatsu Repair Manual. The operation manual, together with the spare parts catalogue, is an integral part of the machine and must accompany it, even when it is resold, until its final disposal.

Komatsu Operation Manual. The manual must be handled with the greatest care and always kept on board the machine, so that it can be consulted at any moment; it must be placed in the appropriate compartment behind the seat, where also the ownership documents and the logbook are usually kept (see “3.5.10 TECHNICAL DOCUMENTATION”).

Komatsu User Manual. This manual must be given to the persons who have to use the machine and carry out the routine maintenance operations; they must read the contents carefully more than once, in such a way as to clearly understand what are the correct operating conditions and the dangerous conditions that must be avoided. In case of loss or damage, request a new copy to Komatsu Utility or your Komatsu Utility Dealer.