Komatsu Galeo HM350-1 Dump Truck Shop Manual

Komatsu Galeo HM350-1 Dump Truck Shop Manual
Komatsu Dump Truck Service Manual

The hydraulic system is always under internal pressure. When inspecting or replacing piping or hoses, always check that the pressure in the hydraulic circuit has been released. If the circuit is still under pressure, it will lead to serious injury, so always do as follows. For details of the method of releasing the pressure: see the section on "INSPECTION AND ADJUSTMENT". Do not carry out any inspection or replacement operation before the pressure has been completely removed.

Komatsu Galeo HM350-1. If there is any leakage from the piping or hoses, the surrounding area will be wet, so check for cracks in the piping and hoses and for swelling in the hoses. When carry out inspection, wear safety glasses and leather gloves. There is a hazard that high-pressure oil leaking from small holes may penetrate your skin or cause blindness if it contacts your eyes directly. If you are hit by a jet of high-pressureoil and suffer injury to your skin or eyes, wash the place with clean water, and consult a doctor immediately for medical attention.

When the engine is running, high-pressure is generated in the engine fuel piping. When carrying out inspection or maintenance of the fuel piping system, stop the engine and wait for at least 30 seconds to allow the internal pressure to go down before starting the operation.

In order for the machine to be operated safely for a long time, it is necessary to add oil and to carry out service and maintenance at periodic intervals. In order to further increase safety, components with a strong relationship to safety, such as hoses and seat belts, must be replaced at periodic intervals. Replacement of safety-critical parts: See "PERIODIC REPLACEMENT OF SAFETY CRITICAL PARTS (PAGE 4-15)".

Komatsu Dump Truck. The material of these components naturally changes over time, and repeated use causes deterioration, wear, and fatigue. As a result, there is a hazard that these components may fail and cause serious injury or death. It is difficult to judge the remaining life of these components from external inspection or the feeling when operating, so always replace them at the specified interval. Replace or repair safety-critical parts if any defect is found, even when they have not reached the time specified interval.

Komatsu Dump Truck Service Manual. Check central warning lamp, alarm buzzer, monitor lamps, and meters. Before starting the engine, turn the starting switch to the ON position, press machine monitor check bulb switch (1), and check that there is no failure in the monitor lamps. In addition to the gauges that function during the system check, the meter display portion is also actuated. When this happens, the character display shows the machine model and the software version of the machine monitor. The gauges that do not function have probably failed, so please contact your Komatsu distributor for inspection.


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