Komatsu Galeo HM300-2 Service Manual

Komatsu Galeo HM300-2 Service Manual
Komatsu Galeo HM300-2 Repair Manual

Komatsu Service Manual. Keep this manual in the storage location for the operation and maintenance manual given below, and have all personnel read it periodically. If this manual has been lost or has become dirty and cannot be read, request a replacement manual immediately from Komatsu or your Komatsu distributor.

To enable you to use this machine safely, safety precautions and labels are given in this manual and affixed to the machine to give explanations of situations involving potential hazards and of the methods of avoiding such situations.

If you find any problems in the machine during operation or maintenance (noise, vibration, smell, incorrect gauges, smoke, oil leakage, etc., or any abnormal display on the warning devices or monitor), report to the person in charge and have the necessary action taken. Do not operate the machine until the problem has been corrected.

To prevent personal injury, do not carry out maintenance with the engine running. If maintenancemust be carried out with the engine running, carry out the operation with at least two workers and do as follows:
One worker must always sit in the operator's seat and be ready to stop the engine at any time. All workers must maintain contact with the other workers.
Set dump lever (1) to the HOLD position, lock with dump lever lock knob (2), then set parking brake switch (3) to the PARKING position.

Komatsu Galeo HM300-2. Normally, the service meter/odometer is displayed on the character display. If the machine has failed, or if there has been excessive load on the machine, or if it is necessary to carry out inspection and maintenance, an action code is displayed to recommend suitable action. When the time for replacing the filter or changing the oil is reached, after completion of the system check with the starting switch at the ON position, the maintenance monitor caution lamps flash or light up, and at the same time, the filter or oil to be replaced is displayed.


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