Kobelco 135 ton crawler crane load chart pdf

Kobelco 135 ton crawler crane load chart pdf
Kobelco 135 ton

Hydraulic System
Four variable displacement piston pumps are driven by heavyduty pump drive. Two of variable displacement pumps are used in the main hook hoist circuit, auxiliary hook hoist circuit, and each propel circuit. One of the other two pumps is used in the boom hoist circuit and third hoist circuit. The other is used in the swing circuit. Control: Full-flow hydraulic control system for infinitely variable pressure to front and rear drums, boom hoist brakes and clutches. Controls respond instantly to the touch, delivering smooth function operation. Cooling: Oil-to-air heat exchanger (plate-fin type) Filtration: Full-flow and bypass type with replaceable element Electrical system: All wiring corded for easy servicing, individual fused branch circuits, Kobelco 135 ton,Kobelco 135,Kobelco 135 ton crawler crane,kobelco 13.5 ton crawler crane pdf,kobelco 150 ton crawler crane load chart pdf,kobelco 135 excavator specs,kobelco 7100,kobelco 150 ton crawler crane specifications,crawler crane manual pdf,cke1350-1f.

Max. relief valve pressure:
Load hoist, boom hoist and propel system:
31.9 MPa {325 kgf/cm2}
Swing system: 27.5 MPa {280 kgf/cm2}
Control system: 7.0 MPa {71 kgf/cm2}
Reservoir capacity: 535 liters

Power Plant
Model:Hino diesel engine P11C-UN
Type:Water-cooled, direct fuel injection, with turbocharger
Compiles with NRMM (Europe) Stage IIIA and US EPA Tier III.
Displacement: 10.520 liters
Rated Power:247 kW/2,000 min-1 {rpm} (ISO)
Max. torque: 1,300 N•m/1,500 min-1
Cooling system: Liquid, recirculating bypass
Starter: 24 V/6.0 kW
Radiator: Corrugated type core, thermostatically controlled
Air cleaner: Dry type with replaceable paper element
Throttle: Electric throttle control, twist grip type
Fuel filter: Replaceable paper element
Batteries: Two 12V, 170Ah/20HR capacity batteries, parallel connected.
Fuel tank capacity: 400 liters

Load Hoist System
Front and rear drums for load hoist powered by a hydraulic variable plunger motors, driven through planetary reducers. Negative Brake: A spring-set, hydraulically released multiple disc brake is mounted on the hoist motor and operated through a counter-balance valve. (Positive free fall brake is optionalitem.) Drum lock: External ratchet for locking drum Drums:
Front drum:
666 mm P.C.D. x 672 mm Lg. wide drum, grooved for 26 mm
wire rope. Rope capacity is 275 m working length and 350 m storage length.
Rear drum:
666 mm P.C.D. x 672 mm Lg. wide drum, grooved for 26 mm
wire rope. Rope capacity is 255 m working length and 350 m storage length.
Note: Rope lengths listed above denote drum capacity and may differ from
actual rope lengths supplied when machinery is shipped.
Line speed: Single line on the first drum layer
Hoisting/Lowering: 120 to 3 m/min
Line Pull: Rated line pull (Single-line): 132 kN {13.5 tf}

Lower Structure
Steel-welded carbody with axles. Crawler assemblies are designed with quick disconnect feature for individual removal as a unit from axles. Crawler belt tension is maintained by hydraulic jack force on the track-adjusting bearing block. Carbody weight: 10.0 ton

Crawler drive: Independent hydraulic propel drive is built into each crawler side frame. Each drive consists of a hydraulic motor propelling a driving tumbler through a planetary gear box. Hydraulic motor and gear box are built into the crawler side frame within the shoe width.

Crawler brakes: Spring-set, hydraulically released parking brakes are built into each propel drive. Steering mechanism: A hydraulic propel system provides both skid steering (driving one track only) and counter-rotating steering (driving each track in opposite directions).


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