1988 Kawasaki Bayou 185 Owner's Manuals

Congratulations on your choice of a new Kawasaki KLF. It is the result of Kawasaki engineering expertise and a tradition of manufacturing high-quality recreational products. Please read this manual carefully before starting your new vehicle. Be sure you understand its controls, capabilities, limitations, and proper operating procedures. Observe the maintenance requirements listed in this book as well. More detailed service information is contained in the service manual for this model, which is available from Kawasaki dealers.

Perform the Daily Safety Checks
Refer to the Daily Safety Checks section for a list of items to check each day before you ride. Habitual performance of these checks will help to insure a safer, more reliable ride. Be sure that any irregularities found during these checks are corrected before riding.

Read the Owner's Manual
Read and understand this Owner's Manual, and carry it with you when you ride. This is especially important for younger riders and beginners. Refer to this Owner's Manual if you have any questions.

Operator Only
This vehicle is designed to carry only the operator. It does not have a seat strap, passenger’s grab rail, dual seat, or footpegs for a passenger. Without secure seating, a passenger may lose his balance and fall off the vehicle. Also, a passenger will impair the steering response of the vehicle by shifting weight from the front wheels, causing loss of control which may cause an accident. Never carry a passenger. Never ride as a passenger.

Dress Properly
Always wear an approved helmet, eye protection, and protective clothing. The proper clothing can make riding more comfortable and reduce the chance of injury if you take a spill. Long pants will also protect your legs from the hot exhaust system.

Keep Your Feet on the Pegs
Always ride with your feet on the footpegs. if your feet touch the ground while you are moving, you could be injured. It is possible to have the rear wheel run over your foot.

Modifications and Accessories
Installation of accessories may affect the handling of your ATV. See the Loading Information section of this manual for more detailed information. Kawasaki does not recommend that you modify your ATV in any way. Unauthorized modifications may produce dangerous handling conditions or adversely affect vehicle reliability.

Brake Lever Lock (Parking Brake)
If the brake lever lock is used, the rear brake lever can be used as a parking brake. To lock the brake lever, first pull in the brake lever. Then pull in the lock lever and while holding it against the brake lever, release the brake lever. When applied correctly the lock lever will contact a projection on the brake lever holder and prevent the brake lever from returning to the off position.

Kawasaki Bayou 185 Owner's Manuals

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