Kawasaki Wheel Loader 80Z5 Spec

Kawasaki Wheel Loader 80Z5 Spec
Kawasaki Wheel Loader 80Z5

Ride Control provides stable load handling during load and carry operation. It reduces bouncing of the equipment while traveling, improves safety, productivity and operator comfort. The system comes with speed sensitive, automatic on/off feature. kawasaki wheel loader parts,kawasaki wheel loader specifications,kawasaki wheel loader for sale.

Maintenance is enhanced with the engine access panels that can be opened wide for better access. Filters are conveniently located for easy change and the grease fittings are grouped to reduce maintenance time and insure proper lubrication.

Excellent visibility in all directions is enhanced with both inside and outside mirrors. The front windshield is flat glass mounted in rubber gaskets that make windshield replacement fast and easy. Viscous mounting of the cab reduces vibration and noise.

The thermostatically controlled air conditioner/heater provides automatic adjustment to keep the operator comfortable in any environment. The high capacity vents provide adequate airflow for efficient defrosting and an even temperature distribution. By pressurizing the cab, the climate control system keeps dust out of the cab.

The exact conditions of the machine can be instantly checked from the gauges and indicator lights on the instrument panel speedometer, engine water temp. gauge, transmission oil temp. gauge, fuel indicator, air pressure gauge, engine hour meter, and various other warning and indicator lights.

The downshift button located on the boom control lever provides for quick, convenient downshifting from 2nd gear to 1st gear.


  1. 50 ampere generator
  2. Back up alarm
  3. Brake and tail lights
  4. Electric starter
  5. Halogen headlights with high and low beams (2 front)
  6. Halogen working lights (2 front and 2 rear)
  7. Turn signals with four-way flasher

Operator environment

  • Adjustable operator seat with suspension
  • Ashtray
  • Cup holder
  • Boom/bucket control dual levers
  • Electric dual horns
  • Down shift button
  • Telescopic and tilt steering wheel


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