Jeep Renegade Owner’s Manual

Jeep Renegade Owner’s Manual
Free PDF Jeep Renegade Owner’s Manual

Raise your access to the wide-open world to a whole new level. jeep renegade is made for movers who want to shake things up a little — or a lot. renegade is designed to comfortably usher you to places off the beaten track, on the straight and narrow highway and all destinations in between. hello, beautiful planet. here comes the real deal.

Why do we call it jeep active drive? because these two 4x4 systems can actively transition from 4x4 into fuel-saving front-wheel drive (fwd) for a welcomed gain in efficiency. just keep the system’s standard selec-terrain dial in auto mode and renegade will seamlessly match its jeep engineered capability to any road condition. turn the dial to any other mode, and 4x4 capability is always engaged.

Do you know where you’re capable of going? jeep renegade trailhawk tests your will and always lets you win. it was proven on some of the world’s most intimidating trails, to rise above all the rest. renegade is like no other small suv on the planet,1 designed to take you to brand-new heart-pounding, trail rated heights.

Renegade  is ready to accommodate all kinds of cargo and passenger configurations with its best-in-class3 interior volume and available 40/20/40 split-folding rear seat with pass-through. turn down the “40/20” sections to carry a good amount of stuff in the back, leaving the remaining “40” section open for that much-needed third passenger the one who’s willing to carry the heavy loads.

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No matter where you are, tackle mother nature’s toughest conditions with the help of the available selec-terrain traction management system, with the class-exclusive3 selec-terrain dial, standard on every jeep active drive 4x4 system. five selectable settings help deliver safe and secure driving stability so you can explore the wonders of the world as you see fit. choose from auto, snow, sand and mud modes, and exclusive on trailhawk — the addition of rock mode. you’ll dial in to authentic 4x4 capability that can take you to places others only dream of reaching.

Made to handle it all 
your jeep brand steering wheel arrives with standard steering wheel audio controls and available stitch-accented leather wrapping, with buttons for available cruise, voice and phone control. you’ll have hands-free4 access to vehicle performance data, and much more, too. front seat passengers can take hold of the grab handle, taken straight from wrangler’s legendary playbook.