International VT365 PDF Service Manual

International Truck and Engine Corporation is committed to continuous research and development to improve products and introduce technological advances. Procedures, specifications, and parts defined in published technical service literature may be altered.

This manual includes necessary information and specifications for technicians to maintain International® diesel engines. See vehicle manuals and Technical Service Information (TSI) bulletins for additional information.

This manual provides general and specific service procedures essential for reliable engine operation and your safety. Since many variations in procedures, tools, and service parts are involved, advice for all possible safety conditions and hazards cannot be stated.

One piece aluminum alloy pistons are fitted with one keystone cut compression ring, one rectangular intermediate compression ring, and a two piece oil control ring. The combustion bowl (in the piston crown) reduces exhaust emissions.

The camshaft is supported by five insert bushings pressed into the crankcase. Two cam lobes, cam followers, push rods and valve bridges control four valves per cylinder. The camshaft is gear driven from the rear end of the crankshaft. A thrust flange is located between the camshaft gear and the crankcase. Camshaft thrust is controlled with the rear surface of the number 5 cam journal and the cam gear.

Hydraulic cam followers maintain zero valve lash and minimize engine noise. This eliminates periodic adjustment of valve lash. The hydraulic cam followers have rollers which provide excellent cam lobe and cam follower durability.

The lubrication system uses a crankshaft driven gerotor pump mounted on the front cover. The oil pressure regulator is built into the front cover and is accessible from outside the engine. Lube oil is routed through an oil cooler equipped with a pressure controlled bypass valve. Lube oil moves through passages in the crankcase to lubricate all internal components and to supply the piston cooling tubes and high pressure pump reservoir. The VGT and air compressor use external oil lines.

The VGT is electronically controlled and hydraulically actuated. The VGT provides boost control at low and high speeds for improved throttle response.

International Trucks VT365 PDF Service Manual

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