International VT-275 2006 Engine Catalog

International VT-275 2006 Engine Catalog
2006 International VT-275 Engine Catalog

This publication is intended to provide technicians and service personnel with an overview of the technical features of the International® VT 275 Diesel Engine. The information contained in this publication is a supplement to information that is contained in available service literature. The photos and illustrations in this publication may vary from your particular vehicle. Consult the latest SERVICE and DIAGNOSTIC manuals for the latest information, before you conduct any service or repairs.

This manual provides general and specific service procedures and repair methods essential for your safety and the reliable operation of the engine. Since many variations in tools, procedures, and service parts are involved, advice for all of the possible safety conditions and hazards cannot be stated.

VT-275 2006 Engine Manuals

The VT 275 engine is offered with only one horsepower and torque rating for the 2005 model year. The engine creates 200 horsepower at 2700 rpm and 440 lb-ft of torque at 1800 rpm. The engine has a high idle speed of 2775 rpm with automatic transmission. The engine idle speed is set at 700 rpm and is not adjustable.

Engine Serial Number
The Engine Serial Number (ESN) for the VT 275 is located on a machined surface at the left rear corner of the crankcase just below the cylinder head. The ESN identifies the engine family, the build location, and the sequential build number.
Engine Serial Number Example:

  1. 4.5HM2Y0135617
  2. 4.5 = Engine displacement
  3. H = Diesel, Turbocharged
  4. M2 = Motor Truck
  5. Y = Huntsville
  6. 0135617 = Build Sequence

The VT 275 engine uses the Diamond LogicTM II Control System. The electronic control system features an Engine Control Module (ECM) and an Injector Drive Module (IDM). The Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve is positioned by an ECM controlled electric stepper motor. The system uses an EGR drive module to communicate commands from the ECM to the EGR valve.

VT 275 engines use two magnetic pickup sensors to determine crankshaft speed and position and camshaft position. Magnetic pick-up sensors feature high reliability and accuracy. The VT 275 engine uses a twin turbo charger with ECM boost control.