Hyundai Trucks HD 65, 72, 78 Owner's Service Manual

Hyundai Trucks HD 65, 72, 78 Owner's Service Manual
Hyundai Trucks HD 65, 72, 78 Wiring Diagrams

The Hyundai HD series trucks pass through many tests to be the best truck of the world with applying state-of-the-art technology to maintain the highest standardsin development and manufacturing. To achieve a world top class truck, Hyundai trucks are built after testing for durability, performance, safety and N.V.H., and many other various tests.

The Hyundai HD series bring a new dynamism and capability to the light and medium duty trucks. Tough but stylish, comfortable and dependable,the HD series offer the perfect vehicle for the demand of the trucking business.

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No matter what your business needs, every truck in the Hyundai HD series looks good. And safety and reliability are engineered into every one of them. The launch of the new HD 65 is the ideal opportunity to further improve the whole range.The result is super-safe trucks that will work all the hours you demand, the whole year round.

If you’re looking for a rugged truck that fulfils every trucking expectation,meet the Hyundai HD series. With the Hyundai HD series, you have real cargo shifting flexibility. Super cab and standard cab choices, variable wheelbase,mean you can choose the perfect vehicle for your business. First class crew comfort means extra driver satisfaction. And Hyundai quality and dependability mean unbeatable operating cost efficiency with minimal capital depreciation. Hyundai HD series is the truck that needs less down time and delivers even more dependability, efficiency, and operating flexibility, which means more owner and driver satisfaction, and increased profit potential.

Air Control System
Dial controls make setting the optimum heating and ventilation levels effortlessly simple. A powerful fan and multiple outlets mean  that all round freshness is guaranteed. Air conditioning is also optionally available.

Overhead Storage
The overhead console provides deep, secure and capacious stowage for sunglasses, papers, maps etc., without impeding free movement in the cab.

The Hyundai HD series offer one of the safest and most ergonomic cabs available. It is not just comfortable,it works with the driver. For example, the curved instrument and switch panel layout means less reaching and more instinctive control. Minor controls, cab access, door and grab handles are optimally positioned, and there are ample interior illumination and stowage space. When it comes to driver comfort and convenience Hyundai is always right out there at the forefront.

Everyone knows people work better in the best conditions. The interior of the HD is built to increase driver and crew satisfaction, to relieve long distance fatigue and stop and start stress. It was developed by driving professionals and proven over every kind of road imaginable. Fresh, but durable trim materials and a textured floor covering,excellent NVH (Noise Vibration Harshness) isolation, new wood grain fascia trim, LED lit switches and super clear instrumentation are all part of what goes into making every Hyundai HD a driver’sfirst choice.

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The Hyundai HD series trucks are developed for perfect safety. This serves as the foundation for rugged structure and extraordinary ride and handling. Further, the world class safety features from ABS integrated EBD brake system is equipped as standard.A full-size driver’s airbag is also available for driver’s safety.

ABS with EBD Braking System
The HD series offer extraordinary active safety and security by 4-channel A.B.S integrated Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) system. When the system senses the brake locking in adverse or slippery road conditions, it easily adjusts and controls the braking pressures to all wheels by hydraulic control, while increasing brake pressure in emergency automatically.

A heat-treated, web strengthened, ultra-rigid Super Frame provides the chassis basis for the superior performance and safety of all Hyundai HD trucks. Optimal suspension resilience,fully loaded or empty, comes from the proven toughness ofleaf springs with advanced shock absorber technology. Large size brake linings and tandem brake boosters, give consistently dependable and powerful braking. As for routine maintenance,all fluid levels can be easily checked, and the advanced integrated fuel filter requires service only at 50,000km intervals.