Hyundai H-100 Owner's, Specifications and Maintenance Manual

Hyundai H-100 Owner's, Specifications and Maintenance Manual
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Thank you for choosing HYUNDAI. We are pleased to welcome you to the growing number of discriminating people who drive HYUNDAIs. The advanced engineering and high-quality construction of each HYUNDAI we build is something of which we're very proud.

Your Owner's Manual will introduce you to the features and operation of your new HYUNDAI. It is suggested that you read it carefully because the information it contains can contribute greatly to the satisfaction you receive from your new car. The manufacturer also recommends that all service and maintenance on your car be performed by an authorized HYUNDAI dealer. HYUNDAI dealers are prepared to provide high-quality service, maintenance and any other assistance that may be required.

Guide to HYUNDAI Genuine Parts
1. What are HYUNDAI Genuine Parts?
HYUNDAI Genuine Parts are the same parts used by HYUNDAI Motor Company to manufacture vehicles. They are designed and tested for the optimum safety, performance, and reliability to our customers.

2. Why should you use genuine parts?
HYUNDAI Genuine Parts are engineered and built to meet rigid manufacturing requirements. Using imitation, counterfeit or used salvage parts is not covered under the HYUNDAI New Vehicle Limited Warranty or any other HYUNDAI warranty. In addition, any damage to or failure of HYUNDAI Genuine Parts caused by the installation or failure of an imitation, counterfeit or used salvage part is not covered by any HYUNDAI Warranty.

3. How can you tell if you are purchasing HYUNDAI Genuine Parts
Look for the HYUNDAI Genuine Parts Logo on the package (see below). HYUNDAI Genuine Parts for export are packaged with labels written only in English. HYUNDAI Genuine Parts are only sold through authorized HYUNDAI Dealerships.