Hydronic and Potable Water Solutions

Hydronic and Potable Water Solutions
Honeywell Hydronic and Potable Water Solutions

Honeywell Hydronic and Potable Water Solutions

Resideo makes a wide variety of controls for hydronic systems. This concept drawing shows various components that can be used in zoned hydronic systems.
Applies to model:  AMX300, AMX Series, AM-1 Series, UMV Series, DS05, DS06, AQ2000, V4043, V8043

AM-1 Series Thermostatic Mixing Valve
AM-1 series adjusts, maintains, and limits the hot water temperature settings to provide comfort and protect equipment at home. While increasing the amount of safe, usable hot water, it efficiently offers anti-scald, anti-chill protection.

  • Features dual purpose mixing or diverting values
  • Offers constant water temperature under changing operating conditions
  • Temperature is limited at any point and if cold water supply is interrupted, flow reduction occurs in seconds
  • Provides reliable performance at minimum flow of 05 gpm and proportional valve for simultaneous control of hot and cold
  • Maximum pressure 150 psi and maximum temperature of 212°F (100°C)
  • Tamper-resistant design with nickel-plated brass construction and EPDM O-rings
  • Designed for easy maintenance and Teflon® coating prevents mineral build-up and extends life
  • Lead free products have products numbers end in LF

Applications: Domestic water Nursing homes Public facilities Automatic faucets Radiant floor heating Space heating Combo systems Solar hot water Greenhouses Industrial applications Photo processing

Braukmann AM-1 Build Your Own Mixing Valves

  • Accurately adjusts, maintains, and limits the hot water temperature to a desired setting selected by the user.
  • Teflon coating increases product life and reduces callbacks.
  • Each valve body can be made into multiple configurations by size and connection type.
  • Valve Size includes: 1/2", 3/4", and 1".
  • Fitting options available: NPT, Sweat, Press, PEX, CPVC, and Push Connect.
  • Available in ASSE 1017, ASSE 1070 and radiant models.
  • Each tailpiece SKU includes 3 tailpieces, 3 gaskets, and 3 union nuts.
  • Thermostrips, thermometer gauges, check valves, and thermal elements are available separately.

AMX Series DirectConnect Thermostatic Mixing Valves
AMX series DirectConnect reduces water heater installation time as the cold and hot port position eliminates the need for typical elbows and tees. Designed for safety to prevent scalding, it also increases user comfort.

  • Designed to be directly installed on water heater hot outlet port
  • Offers constant water temperature under changing operating conditions
  • Temperature is adjustable using 3/16 allen wrench and if cold water supply is interrupted, flow reduction occurs in seconds
  • Features brass/stainless construction and Teflon coated wear surfaces
  • Heat trapping not required and recirculation portion option allows for fast response
  • Lead free products have product numbers end in LF
  • US Patent No. US7744007

AMX300 Series DirectConnect Thermostatic Mixing Valve and Kits
AMX300 series DirectConnect kits reduce installation time while providing industry-leading mixing valve technology, which offers excellent temperature stability and control and minimizes scalding risk to building occupants.

  • Temperature is adjustable using push-twist-release locking hand wheel design and if cold water supply is interrupted, flow reduction occurs in seconds
  • Kit includes mixing valve, cold water tee fitting and flexible stainless steel connector
  • Recirculation portion option offers fast delivery of heated water to the furthest fixtures, increasing user comfort with more available hot water
  • The alternate hot port bypasses hot water directly from the tank to non-mixed temperature applications
  • Fits most water heaters up to 1 in., with all necessary adapters included
  • Brass/stainless construction with Teflon coated wear surfaces for extended surface
  • Lead free products have products numbers end in LF

TX Series Expansion Tanks Domestic Hot Water
The Thermal Expansion Absorber is an expansion tank with a butyl diaphragm. The Thermal Expansion Tank controls pressure build-up in the system, eliminates relief valve spillage, protects fixtures and extends water heater life.

  • Heavy duty butyl rubber diaphragm (FDA approved) isolates water from air.
  • Polypropylene liner, 100% non-metallic, non-corrosive water reservoir.
  • Prevents water hammer.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Protects water heater from harmful pressure cycling.
  • Allows storage of expanded water with no increase in system pressures.
  • Prevents backflow when supply pressure falls below system pressure.
  • 7 year warranty for TX-5 and TX-12 units with date code 1901 or newer.

UMV500-LF/U Series UnderSink Thermostatic Mixing Valve
The UMV500-LF/U Series UnderSink Thermostatic Mixing Valve is intended for use in under counter and under sink applications. The UMV500-LF/U Universal Model is designed to be used as a three port design (touchless sink) or a four port design (two handle sink) with the addition of the 4 port adaptor (supplied with UMV500-LF/U). The UMV500-LF/U is used to prevent accidental scalding. The outlet water temperature must be properly adjusted by the installer using a thermometer to measure the outlet temperature at the faucet. A maximum outlet temperature of 110° F (43° C) is recommended.

  • Universal design allows flexibility in adapting to three port or four port applications.
  • Shipped with four port adapter.
  • Shipped with mounting bracket for easy mounting.
  • Integral check valves in hot and cold inlets.
  • Lockable hand wheel for tamper resistant temperature setting.
  • Lead Free (0.25% max. weighted average lead content)

MX Series Large Flow Proportional Mixing or Diverting Valve
The MX Series is a state-of-the-art mixing valve that manages the hot and cold supply based on control settings. Accurate control of temperature provides energy savings, increased comfort and safety. The Teflon wear surfaces prevent calcium buildup.

  • Dual purpose mixing or diverting valve.
  • Constant water temperature under different operating conditions.
  • Proportional valve (control of hot and cold water).
  • Flow reduction in seconds if cold water supply is interrupted.
  • Maintains temperature with extremely low minimum flows.
  • Temperature adjustable, tamper evident.
  • Install in any position, heat trapping not required.
  • Recirculation connection for fast response.
  • Bronze/stainless construction.
  • Wear surfaces Teflon coated to prevent deposit build-up.
  • Union/tailpiece connections included.
  • Tapped flange connections 2-1/2 in. and 3 in.
  • Allen wrench for temperature adjustment included.
  • ASSE 1017 and CSA listed (Union Models)

DS05 Lead Free Pressure Regulating Valve
The Resideo Braukmann DS05 is a high-quality balanced pressure regulating valve that maintains a constant outlet pressure over a wide range of inlet supply pressures. It has a simple design with NPT or pre-assembled Push Connect and PEX F-1960 fittings. Available in 3/4-in. and 1-in., the six SKUs require no additional parts, making it a low-cost go-to for every new construction. It is suitable for potable water and irrigation applications, both indoor and outdoor.

  • Approvals - ASSE 1003-220 and 1061, IAPMO, CSA, Low Lead Compliant, NSF/ANSI 61
  • Set static pressure between 15–80PSI adjustment range from the convenient tamper-resistant screwdriver slot.
  • Simple design with NPT or pre-assembled Push Connect and PEX F-1960 fittings.

DS06 “DialSet” Lead Free Pressure Regulating Valve
With the DialSet Pressure Regulating Valve, you don’t need a pressure gauge. The built-in adjustment dial eliminates the need for a gauge when adjusting the static pressure setting, but there is also an easily accessible gauge port on either side if you need it. This product has the capability to be installed by one individual and the reliability that helps to increase your profits through fewer callbacks. Plus, the DialSet PRV has the flexibility to work in a variety of applications.

  • Built-In Dial-Set™- no guage is needed to install or set static pressure.
  • Noncorroding Unitized Cartridge - contains all working parts and is easily replaceable
  • Outlet adjustment range of 25 psi to 90 psi make it suitable for household, commercial, industrial and turf-and-irrigation applications.
  • Install it just about anywhere. The internal and external threading allows for use in thread-by-thread, singleunion or double-union configurations.
  • 1/4" NPT tap accessible from both sides to validate output
  • Built in strainer to simplify maintenance
  • Approvals - ASSE 1003-2020, IAPMO, CSA, Low Lead Compliant, NSF/ANSI 61

MV876 Automatic Backwash Control
The MV876B Automatic-Backwash Control is available as an accessory. This control is fitted to the drain valve and is programmed by the user to automatically perform the backwash function according to the desired interval.

  • Bayonet fitting simplifies upgrade to automatic backwash.
  • 16 field-selectable backwash intervals (from every four minutes to once every three months) eliminate need for external timer.
  • Connections for external control on the MV876 provide for use in automated systems and differential pressure control.
  • MV876 can be manually activated to initiate backwash.
  • Battery (AA) backup to ensure completion of backwash cycle in spite of power loss.

FK06 “DialSet” Lead Free Pressure Regulating Filter Combination
The FK06 DialSet Pressure Regulating Filter Combination is a highquality pressure regulating valve and rinsable filter that maintains a constant outlet pressure over a wide range of inlet supply pressures and ensures a continuous supply of filtered water. It is suitable for potable water and irrigation applications. The downstream pressure adjustment dial eliminates the need for a pressure gauge when adjusting the pressure setting (static pressure only).

Model: FK06 DialSet Pressure Regulating Filter Combination
Regulator Mechanism: Fabric-reinforced diaphragm.
Filter Mechanism: Stainless steel 50 micron rinsable filter insert.
Seat Design: Balanced single seat construction.
Inlet Pressure (Maximum): 250 psi maximum.
Reduced Pressure Range: 25 to 90 psi (1/2 in. to 2 in.).
Outlet Pressure: Factory set at 60 psi (414 kPa).
Dial Calibration: ± 4 psi.
Differential: 14.5 psi minimum (inlet to outlet).
Fluid Temperature (Maximum): Water: 104° F (40° C).
Ambient Temperature Range: 33° F to 140° F (1° C to 60° C).
Pipe Sizes Available: 3/4 in., 1 in., 1-1/4 in. available.

WT88 Series Gas Water Heater Control
With Resideo Water Heater Controls, only eight models are needed to replace multiple A.O. Smith, Bradford White, and Rheem controls. Consolidate your inventory while expanding your sales opportunities and capturing more business.

The WT88xx Water Heater Control is designed for use in Standing Pilot applications using an immersion well for water temperature sensing. All models of WT88xx controls include an integrated NTC temperature sensor. The WT88xx controls are powered from a thermopile heated by the standing pilot flame. CS88xx pilot assemblies are designed for use with this control. The immersion well for sensing water temperature has matched NTC thermistor sensors. These sensors provide the fail-safe mechanism through which the WT88xx controls can provide both accurate water temperature control as well as water temperature limit (Temperature Cut-Out [TCO]) function.