Honeywell HWAC-2417S 24,000 BTU Mini Split Air Conditioner

Honeywell HWAC-2417S 24,000 BTU Mini Split Air Conditioner
Honeywell HWAC-2417S 24

Thank you for purchasing the HWAC-1217S, HWAC-1817S, or HWAC-2417S Mini-Split Air Conditioner. This manual will provide you with safety information, installation steps, instructions for optimal use, and proper care and maintenance for your product. Please read this manual carefully before operating.

Important Notices

  • Before installing, please contact a local HVAC professional. If the unit is not installed by a registered HVAC contractor, the warranty will be voided. Please request a copy of the HVAC contractor’s invoice at the end of installation and keep for your records.
  • The air conditioner must be installed by professionals according to the national wiring rules and this manual.
  • To move and install the air conditioner in another place, please contact a certified HVAC professional.
  • Read User Manual For Honeywell HWAC-1217S - 12,000 BTU Mini Split Air Conditioner and Honeywell HWAC-1817S Air Conditioner

Requirements for Installation Location

  • Avoid places of inflammable or explosive gas leakage or where there are strongly aggressive gases.
  • Avoid places subject to strong artificial electric/magnetic fields.
  • Avoid places subject to noise and resonance.
  • Avoid severe natural conditions (e.g., heavy lampblack, strong sandy wind, direct sunshine, or high temperature heat sources).
  • Avoid places within the reach of children.
  • Allow for a short connection between the indoor and outdoor units.
  • Select where it is easy to perform service and repair, also where ventilation is good.
  • The outdoor unit shall not be installed in any way that could occupy an aisle, stairway, exit, fire escape, catwalk, or any other public area.
  • The outdoor unit shall be installed as far as possible from doors, windows, and plants/trees.

Requirements for the Mounting Plate

  • The mounting plate must meet the relevant national or industrial standards in terms of strength with welding and connection areas rustproofed.
  • The mounting plate and its load carry surface shall be able to withstand 4 times above the weight of the unit, or 440.9 lbs., whichever is heavier.
  • The mounting plate of the outdoor unit shall be fastened with an expansion bolt.
  • Ensure a secure installation to prevent damage to surrounding areas.


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