Honeywell HE225A1006 humidifier User Manual

Honeywell HE225A1006 humidifier User Manual
Honeywell HE225A1006 humidifier User Manual

Your Enviracaire Elite HE225A and HE265A Humidifiers from Honeywell are controlled by the H8908B Convertible Humidity Control. The convertible humidity control is installed either on an interior wall in the living area, or on the return air duct. Choose the humidity control setting using the combination relative humidity/outdoor temperature setting scale on your humidity control dial. Match the dial setting to the outdoor temperature for optimizing the humidity level while reducing moisture condensation on your windows. The table below can also be used to adjust humidity control to the recommended setting.

indoor air quality products from Honeywell are designed to help make your home more comfortable--from zoning products that allow you to control the temperature in individual areas of the home to humidifiers and comfort control centers that help balance the moisture content of your indoor air. Honeywell is proud to be a partner of the American Lung Association Health House program that provides guidelines for constructing homes with improved air quality and ventilation. Honeywell HE225A1006 humidifier User Manual,Honeywell HE225A1006 humidifier Owner's Manual,Honeywell HE225A1006 humidifier Maintenance Manual, OWNER'S GUIDE.

Honeywell HE225B,HE265B
Your Enviracaire Elite TM HE225B and HE265B Humidifiers are ontrolled by the Honeywell H1008 Automatic Humidity Control with HumidCalc+ TM. The automatic humidity control is mounted in the return air duct where it can be exposed to the air stream of the return air.

The HumidCalc+ TM software inside your automatic humidity control is designed to measure or infer outdoor temperature and automatically adjust the humidity based on the frost factor setting that the homeowner sets to allow for variances in furnace size, window type and insulation.

The Automatic Humidity Control with HumidiCalc+ TM requires an initial adjustment period. For maximum humidification, set the H1008 to 10 and run the fan continuously. Check for condensation on windows after a cold night. If there is no condensation, leave the setting at 10. If there is condensation, lower the frost factor dial one setting. Continue to check for condensation on cold mornings until the correct humidity setting is reached for your home. Allow two days between adjustments to determine if further adjustment is necessary. Once you have tuned in the proper setting, you should never have to adjust it again. HumidiCalc+ TM takes over and makes any future adjustments caused by varying outdoor temperatures, thus reducing moisture build-up on windows while maintaining the optimal humidity level.

Your Enviracaire Elite TM humidifier uses the principle that vapor (evaporated water) is created when warm air blows over a water soaked area. As the vapor circulates, the relative humidity rises. Your humidity control monitors the relative humidity and activates the humidifier accordingly. The humidifier has a water supply that dispenses water evenly over the AglON TM antimicrobial humidifier pad. The warm dry air, from the furnace, passes over the humidifier pad and picks up the moist air to circulate it throughout your home. Humidified air feels warmer and more comfortable so you may be able to lower your thermostat heating setpoint, which saves money on your heating fuel bills. The end result is that your humidifier gives you a cleaner, more comfortable environment that is also energy efficient.

A regular maintenance program prolongs the life of your humidifier and provides a more comfortable home. Frequency of cleaning depends on the condition of your water. You can use either hard or soft water in your humidifier, but hard water mineral deposits are more difficult to clean than soft water deposits. For optimum performance, Honeywell recommends replacing the AglON TM antimicrobial pad once a year. Use the following procedure to clean your Honeywell humidifier.