Holden Astra Owner’s Manual

Holden Astra Owner’s Manual
Holden Astra Handbook Manual

Operate the switch for the respective window by pushing to open or pulling to close. Pushing or pulling gently to the first detent: window moves up or down as long as the switch is operated. Pushing or pulling firmly to the second detent and then releasing: window moves up or down automatically with safety function enabled. To stop movement, operate the switch once more in the same direction.

Steering wheel adjustment
Unlock the lever, adjust the steering wheel, then engage the lever and ensure it is fully locked. Do not adjust the steering wheel unless the vehicle is stationary and the steering wheel lock has been released.

Lock cylinders
Designed to free-wheel if they are forcefully rotated without the correct key or if the correct key is not fully inserted. To reset, turn cylinder with the correct key until its slot is vertical, remove key and then re-insert it. If the cylinder still free-wheels, turn the key through 180° and repeat operation.

Car Pass
The Car Pass contains security related vehicle data and should therefore be kept in a safe place. When the vehicle is taken to a Holden dealer, this vehicle data is needed in order to perform certain operations.

Fault in central locking system
Unlocking: Manually unlock the driver's door by turning the key in the lock. The other doors can be opened by pulling the interior handle twice. The tailgate and fuel filler flap cannot be opened.
Locking: Push inside locking knob of all doors except driver's door. Then close the driver's door and lock it from the outside with the key. The fuel filler flap and tailgate cannot be locked.
Automatic locking: This security feature can be configured to automatically lock all doors, tailgate and fuel filler flap as soon as a certain speed is exceeded. Additionally it is configurable to unlock the driver's door or all doors after the ignition is switched off and the ignition key is removed (manual transmission) or the selector lever is moved to position P (automatic transmission).

Vehicle security Immobiliser
The system is part of the ignition switch and checks whether the vehicle is allowed to be started with the key being used. The immobiliser is activated automatically after the key has been removed from the ignition switch.


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