Holden Vectra Owner's Manual

Holden Vectra Owner's Manual
Holden Vectra User Manual

You m ust always comply w ith the sp ecific laws of the c ountry that you are travelling through. These laws ma y differ from the inform ation in this Ow ner’s Manual. When instructed to consult a w orkshop, we recomm end that you consult your Vauxhall Authorised Repairer. All Vauxhall Authorised Repairers provide first-class service at rea sonable prices. You will receive q uick, reliab le and individual service.

Experienced mechanics, trained by Vauxhall, work a ccord ing to specific Vauxhall instructions. The Owner’s Manual should always be kept in the vehicle: Rea dy to hand in the glove compartment.

Our aim: to keep you happy with your vehicle. All Vauxhall Authorised Repairers offer first-class service a t competitive prices. Experienced, factory-trained technicians w ork according to factory instructions. Your Authorised Repa irer can supply you with GENUINE VAU XHALL- APPROVED PARTS, which have und ergone stringent quality and precision chec ks, and of course useful and a ttrac tive VAUXHALL-APPROVED ACCESSORIES.

Front airb ag system
The front airbag system will be triggered in the event of a serious ac cident involving a frontal impact and forms safety cushions for the driver and front passenger. The forward movem ent of the d river and front passenger is checked a nd the risk of injuries to the upper body a nd head are thereby substantially reduced.

Read or download Holden Vectra Owners Manual PDF, The Owner’s Manual is designed to be clearly laid-out and easily understood.


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