2017 Holden Cascada CJ Owner’s Manual

2017 Holden Cascada CJ Owner’s Manual
Holden Cascada 2017 CJ Owner’s Manual

When the engine is not running, considerably more force is needed to brake and steer. To prevent the entry of exhaust gases from the towing vehicle, switch on the air recirculation and close the windows, when soft top is closed.

Vehicles with automatic transmission: The vehicle must be towed facing forwards, not faster than 80 km/h nor further than 100 km. In all other cases and when the transmission is defective, the front axle must be raised off the ground. Seek the assistance of a Holden dealer. After towing, unscrew the towing eye clockwise. Insert cap at the top and engage downwards.

Towing another vehicle
Insert a screwdriver in the slot at the lower bend of the cap. Release the cap by carefully moving the screwdriver downwards. The towing eye is stowed with the vehicle tools.

Screw in the towing eye anticlockwise as far as it will go until it stops in a horizontal position. The lashing eye at the rear underneath the vehicle must never be used as a towing eye. Attach a tow rope – or even better a tow bar – to the towing eye. The towing eye must only be used for towing and not for recovering a vehicle.

Exterior care
The locks are lubricated at the factory using a high quality lock cylinder grease. Use de-icing agent only when absolutely necessary, as this has a degreasing effect and impairs lock function. After using a de-icing agent, have the locks regreased by a Holden dealer.

Removing the spare wheel and stowing a damaged wheel in the load compartment
The spare wheel is located in the spare wheel well beneath the floor cover. The spare wheel well is not designed for other tyre sizes than the spare wheel.
To remove:

  1. Close the soft top and fold in the load compartment partition by pushing upwards at the loop area towards the inside
  2. Remove the floor cover.
  3. The spare wheel is secured with a wing nut in the well. Loosen nut, remove conical adapter and remove the spare wheel.
  4. Under the spare wheel there is a box and a bag with vehicle tools. The tool bag is secured with a tether to the stow rod. Remove tool box and tool bag tether from the stow rod to access the tools in the bag.
  5. Change the damaged wheel 236 and stow the tools back in the tool box and the bag. Remove the strap from the box and put aside.
  6. Attach the tool bag tether to the stow rod and place the bag in the well. Secure the tool box by installing the conical adapter and tightening the wing nut.

Changing tyre and wheel size
If tyres of a different size than those fitted at the factory are used, it may be necessary to reprogramme the speedometer as well as the nominal tyre pressure and make other vehicle modifications. After converting to a different tyre size, have the label with tyre pressures replaced.

Tyre condition, wheel condition
Drive over edges slowly and at right angles if possible. Driving over sharp edges can cause tyre and wheel damage. Do not trap tyres on the kerb when parking.

Holden Cascada 2017 CJ Owner’s Manual
A label on the jack indicates the vehicles for which the jack can be used. Open the load floor cover. The jack, the tools and a strap for securing a damaged wheel are in the tool box below the spare wheel in the load compartment.

The wheel wrench and the towing eye are in the tool bag located in the spare wheel well near the tool box. The tool bag is fixated with a tether to the stow
rod. Remove tool box and tool bag tether from the stow rod to access the tools in the bag.


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