2004 - 2009 Holden Astra Service Manual

Issue serial Opel Astra began in February 2004. The car remains front-wheel drive. Campaign was launched in a model with five-door hatchback. Later appears three-door and station wagon version. For the new Opel Astra to develop two new engines, and are taken from the previous most recent engines, thereby obtaining a line of six engines, continues a series Ecotec and meet Euro 4 standards. To start the proposed petrol engines 1.4 TWINPORT (90 hp), 1.6 TWINPORT (105 hp), 1.8 (125 hp) and 2.0 Turbo (170 hp), as well as two diesel engines volume of 1.7 (80 and 100 hp) equipped with a turbo and fuel system type "Common Rail".

From June 2004 to these engines added two turbo unit with a system of "Common Rail" volume of 1.9 liter capacity of 120 and 150 hp These modern diesels on the dynamics are not inferior to their petrol counterparts. For example, aster with a motor of 150 hp zero to 100 km / h in 8.9 seconds. Not all petrol engine has the momentum. Moreover, the Astra engine has a maximum speed of 210 km / hour, and spends 100 km. less than 6 liters of fuel. Among other things, new engines tailored to the mistakes of the past models, they do not require fuel additives and as an option can be supplied with a special filter fuel that does not require any maintenance throughout the lifetime. Naturally, both engines are equipped with the latest models of catalysts, which give almost no way out all the toxic components: CO, HC and even reduce emissions of soot. New diesel engines are manufactured at the plant of the group in Pratola Serra (Italy), and since the spring of 2005 will be released yet, and at the factory in Kaiserslautern (Kaiserslautern).

The third generation Opel Astra car reflects mainly the emotional side and the direction of the new design style of the company Opel. The exterior design of the car is harmoniously complemented by its inner nature. The lounge is dominated by smooth and free surface. High quality materials used are organically combined with the high level design of the internal finishing the car "- said the head of design department, Martin Smith (Martin Smith). Decorative bend on the hood smoothly inside the passenger compartment of elegantly designed central console. Cabin were increased compared with the previous model Astra. Length increased by approximately 14, the height and width of 2 to 4 centimeters.

Fuel consumption, CO
To determine the fuel consumption since 1996, the Instruction 80 / 1268 / EWG with the latest changes in 1999 / 100 / EG. Instruction takes into account actual traffic conditions: driving in the city is estimated by a factor of approximately 1 / 3, and riding outside the city - by a factor of about 2 / 3 (fuel consumption in town and country). This takes into account cold start and acceleration phase. In addition, part of the instruction is an indication of CO2 emissions. From these data can not be concluded how much fuel a vehicle consumes each. In determining the fuel economy standard for 1999 / 100 / EG takes into account its own weight of car, is also established in this standard. Additional special equipment vehicle may slightly increase the mass and, together with that, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Holden Astra Service Manual
The use of leaded gasoline and the abuse of additives to the fuel can lead to failure of the catalytic converter exhaust gases to meet the requirements exhaust emissions and engine failure. On diesel models in any case, do not use additives for winter operation, increase the fluidity of the fuel. When non-compliance with these requirements in the event of engine failure warranty of the manufacturer of this vehicle do not apply.

2009 Holden Astra Service Manual
Air-conditioning systems at the car is recharged with refrigerant HFC-134a (R-134a) or a similar material operational, fully equivalent to the specified properties. The use of another refrigerant will result in serious damage to the air conditioning system and the need for complete replacement of the system. Is not recommended to release the refrigerant into the atmosphere. The refrigerant HFC-134a (R-134a) used in cars, no adverse effects on the ozone layer of the atmosphere. However, entering the atmosphere of the refrigerant can be a small contribution to global warming

Holden Astra Service Manual

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