Genesis G80 Owner’s, Service Manual

Genesis G80 Owner’s, Service Manual
Genesis G80 Car

GENESIS G80 SPORT’s bold and aggressive design, discernible through its piercing gaze that appears as if it's aiming at a target and its road-hugging, low-lying position that appears as if it's ready to take off at any moment, awaken one's driving instincts. Its twin turbo system generates powerful acceleration at all speeds, rendering a stunning drive that is characteristic of the Sport model.

GENESIS added the dynamism of a sports vehicle to the comfort of a premium sedan. The luxurious orchestration of exclusive sport seats, a 3-spoke steering wheel, and real carbon and real aluminum details are hallmarks of GENESIS G80 SPORT.

GENESIS G80 delivers constant, exceptional ride and comfort under ever-changing road conditions. Its smooth and refined ride is only possible when car and driver are in seamless unity. Now, GENESIS G80 is ready to make another lasting impressing with a new diesel engine.

Genesis Design is redefining how luxury and performance are perceived. In doing so, designs like the G80 are creating a new dynamic born of confident athleticism. And elegant simplicity.

Everything you experience with the G80 flows effortlessly, from the way you unlock and start your car to the way you park it or connect with it remotely. The shapes that seduce your eye are infused with a sens of latent power: A parabolic character line enhances the car’s dynamic profile – and your anticipation for setting the G80’s artistry in motion.

On the road, the G80’s precisely controlled movements are always in sync with your desires. As the driver, you dictate the fluid manner in which the engine, steering and suspension impeccably orchestrate acceleration, handling and ride comfort.

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Genesis G80 Owner’s Manual PDF
GENESIS G80 combined inter-vehicular distance maintenance with lane-keeping assistance to make driving on highways safer and more convenient. It automatically activates the brakes to avoid frontal collisions and monitors the level of alertness of the driver. It offers a new driving experience that is a step closer to autonomous driving

Lexicon premium sound system
17 Lexicon speakers and Quantum Logic surround technology render exceptional sound quality. Sounds are rearranged using frequency analysis to replicate the rich, stereophonic sounds heard when seated in a concert hall.

Highway driving assist (HDA)
A state-of-the-art system takes you a step closer to autonomous driving by automatically controlling speed and maintaining a safe distance from cars ahead without the need to step on the accelerator pedal or brakes. It even helps maneuver the steering wheel for exceptional driving comfort in long distance travel or traffic congestion.

Here’s one thing we’ve noticed about Genesis owners. You’re not the type to follow the herd, or make the predictable choice. You’re an iconoclast. And your insistence on seeking your own identity is what brings you here – to the Genesis G80.

For 2022, the G80 presents a clear alternative to traditional luxury sedans, projecting a new face of automobile design that is not tied to established ideas of how a luxury sedan should look and feel, inside or out.

Our heritage is being created here and now, with a design aesthetic that’s new and forward-looking. Stretched over a long, low silhouette, the G80 is muscular and athletic. Its broad Crest Grille is framed on each side by two lines of light. Like illuminated wings, it’s a design element that has quickly become the unmistakable look of every Genesis – recognizable day or night.

Something else that’s unmistakable is the level of quality every Genesis delivers. The G80 has been ranked #1 in Initial Quality and Long-Term Dependability among Upper Midsize Premium Cars in the J.D. Power 2021 Initial Quality Study and 2021 U.S. Vehicle Dependability Study.

Press your G80 2.5T’s accelerator pedal, and the response of its 300-hp turbocharged engine2 the most potent 4-cylinder engine in its class3 pushes you firmly into the driver’s seat. Traction is offered with two options: Rear Wheel Drive or available All Wheel Drive.

Reach for the rotary Shift-by-Wire knob on the center console, and the knurled textures engraved around the edge of its tempered glass make an immediate impression. As you shift from Park into Reverse or Drive, the dial’s illumination changes color.

That quickness and agility you feel? It’s derived from an impressive power-to-weight ratio. The G80’s rigid steel body structure is clad with hood, door and trunk panels forged from lightweight aluminum. The less weight an engine needs to move, the more effortless those movements become. A precise steering ratio adds to the G80’s handling reflexes, while an Electric Brake Booster amplifies your stopping power. Press the brake pedal, and the response is quick, quiet and linear.

Drive Mode Select lets you choose your preferred driving dynamic Eco, Comfort, Sport, Smart or a Custom Mode at the press of a button. Ready to set your ambitions in motion?


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