Genesis GV70 Owner’s and service Manual

Genesis GV70 Owner’s and service Manual
Genesis GV70 Car

Wherever you look, the GV70 reveals an attention to detail that defines Genesis Design. If form follows function, you can expect your GV70 to perform beautifully from the moment you touch the handle of the driver’s door.

The common elements of Genesis Design are uncommonly bold: A large pentagonal Crest Grille. Quad LED Headlights and Taillights. And distinctively athletic body lines. With a low, wide coupe-like profile, the Genesis GV70 conveys the essence of its performance character. This is a dynamic SUV – a fact evident to the eye before you ever hear the sound of its engine. Or sense the quick, confident response of its steering and brakes. Open the door, and the GV70’s premium soft-touch materials and available backlit trims impart a sense of serious performance wrapped in spacious comfort. It’s a level of luxury so rewarding, the Genesis GV70 was named MotorTrend’s 2022 SUV of the Year.

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Genesis GV70 Repair Manual
Press your right foot down on the accelerator pedal of the GV70 2.5T AWD and feel what comes next: The thrust of turbocharged power. The GV70’s 300 horsepower is the highest among key competitors in the segment.2 And its torque is an equally impressive 311 lb-ft.

To make sure all of that power gets put to good use, the GV70 comes standard
with All Wheel Drive. Launch Control is also standard, part of an 8-speed Shift-byWire Automatic Transmission that selects the ideal shift points based on a variety
of inputs – like which of the GV70’s drive modes you’ve chosen. From Comfort or Eco to Sport, Sport+ or Custom, you can select the drive mode you want and the transmission will adjust its shifts to suit.

Genesis designers didn’t think of the GV70 2.5T AWD as a machine or an integrated system of digital technologies. They imagined it as a place for human contact.

Genesis GV70 maintenance Manual
In the new GV70, that contact includes the world’s first in-vehicle Fingerprint Reader. With it, you can start the engine without a key, load personal vehicle presets and more. Settle into the 12-way Power Driver Seat, and you’ll instantly feel how other advanced features – like a multimedia controller that reads finger swipe and scribe gestures – create a bond between you and your GV70.

You can also talk to your GV70. It’s enabled with Dynamic Voice Recognition, which responds to questions or voice commands spoken in normal, conversational tones. Announce that you want to go home, and driving directions are promptly displayed on the Premium Navigation System’s class-leading 14.5˝HD Screen.

Ask your GV70 to turn on the air conditioning, change a SiriusXM channel5  or check on Apple’s stock price, and it responds faster than you can say, “Did the Dodgers win today?

With the new Genesis GV70 3.5T AWD Sport, there’s no question who’s in charge. You are, compliments of a 3.5L Twin-Turbo V6. The numbers look like this on paper: 375 horsepower and 391 lb-ft of torque.

But nobody drives on paper, right? Which is why your GV70 is engineered to tackle all kinds of surfaces, from rain-slicked city streets and snow-covered mountain roads to off-pavement treks over gravel, mud and sand. To preserve a smooth ride, the 3.5T AWD Sport’s Electronically Controlled Suspension with Road Preview scans the road ahead and micro-adjusts the suspension when potholes or speed bumps are detected in Sport mode.

Enhanced traction features on the 3.5T AWD Sport Prestige model include 21˝Sport Alloy Wheels. More than just a stunning design, their large size enables your GV70 to get a bigger, better grip on the pavement. An Electronic Limited Slip Differential optimizes grip by distributing power between the left and right rear wheels according to the driving conditions. Stability in corners is also enhanced by distributing the appropriate level of power to the inner and outer wheels to prevent slippage.

The new GV70 surrounds its driver with features that exude comfort and convenience. After all, isn’t that what a luxury vehicle should do? It starts with the support and relaxation created by an available Ergo Motion Seat for the driver – standard on all GV70 AWD Sport and Sport Prestige trim levels. Its special seat design helps the GV70 driver fend off fatigue during long journeys with a stretch function that exercises and energizes your body while driving.

The 3.5T AWD Sport Prestige’s 12.3˝3D Digital Cluster conveys driving vitals with visual flair and changes its color scheme based on the Drive Mode you’ve selected. A Heads-up Display projects key driving information directly onto the windshield in fighter-jet fashion.

The Touch Type Dual Zone Automatic Climate Control is just as intuitive, thanks to capacitive touch controls that provide both audible and tactile feedback. As you focus on driving, the GV70 focuses on you.