Ford Trader Workshop Manual

This repair manual assumes that you have certain special tools that are necessary for the safe and efficient performance of service operations on Ford vehicles and that you know how to use them properly. It also assumes that you are familiar with automobile systems and basic service and repair procedures. You should not attempt to use this manual unless these assumptions are correct and you understand the consequences described below.

Ford Trader This manual contains certain notes, warnings, and other precautionary information that you should carefully read and follow to reduce the risk of personal injury to yourself or others and the risk of improper service that may damage the vehicle or render it unsafe. If there is no such information in regard to any specific service method, this does not mean there is no possibility that personal safety or vehicle safety will be jeopardized by the use of incorrect methods or tools.

If a mobile two-way radio system is installed improperly or if a high-powered type is used, the control unit may be affected. When the vehicle is to be equipped with a mobile two-way radio, observe the following precautions:

  1. Install the antenna at the farthest point from control units.
  2. Install the antenna feeder as far as possible from the control unit harnesses (at least 30 cm [11.8 in)).
  3. Ensure that the antenna and feeder are properly adjusted. .
  4. Do not install a high-powered mobile two-way radio system.

Leakage of Injector Apply pressure SL engine: 14,715 kPa (150 kg/cm2 , 2,133 psi), HA and TF engines: 1,962 kPa (20 kg/cm2 , 284 psi) lower than the specified injection pressure and see if the fuel leaks from the nozzle injection hole. If the fuel leaks, it is necessary to disassemble, wash and recheck the nozzle or replace it.

Atomizing Condition

  1. Connect the nozzle on the nozzle tester.
  2. Air bleed by operating the nozzle tester handle several times.
  3. Keeping the pressure gauge of the nozzle tester in the non functioning condition, quickly lower the handle (lower the handle as quickly as possible so that a pulsating whistling sound can be heard). Repeat this operation several times and check the atomizing condition.
  4. Make sure that the fuel is atomized uniformly and properly.
  5. Make sure that the injection angle and direction are normal.
  6. If the atomizing condition is incorrect, it is necessary to disassemble, wash and recheck the nozzle, or to replace it.

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