2003 Ford Ranger Repair Manual

2003 Ford Ranger Repair Manual
Ford Ranger 2003 Repair Manual

This Manual explains the disassembly, inspection, repair, and reassembly procedures for the above-indicated engines and manual transmissions. In order to do these procedures safely, quickly, and correctly, you must first read this manual and any other relevant service materials carefully. The information in this manual is current up to November 2001. Any changes that occur after that time will not be reflected in this particular manual. Therefore, the contents of this manual may not exactly match the mechanism that you are currently servicing.

If a radio system is installed improprerly or if a high-powered type is used, the CIS and other systems may be affected. When the vehicle is to be equipped with a radio, observe the following precautions.

  1. Install the antenna at the farthest point from control modules.
  2. Install the antenna feeder as far as possible from the control modules harness, and perpendicular to wiring harnesses.
  3. Do not install a high-powered radio system.
  4. After installing the radio system, start and idle the engine, then confirm that the engine is not influenced by output waves from the system.


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