FENDT 800 VARIO TMS 815,817,818

FENDT 800 VARIO TMS 815,817,818
FENDT 800 VARIO TMS 815,817,818

Fendt presents the 800 VARIO TMS, a compact heavy-duty tractor range. The performance of high horsepower tractors has been ingeniously combined with the manoeuvrability and visibility of a medium-sized tractor.

The new Vario TMS drive technology sets new highlights regarding the ease of operation and efficiency of stepless transmissions. This gives you the decisive edge on productivity while providing first class driving comfort. This second-generation stepless drive technology is based on the experience gathered from over 30,000* Varios that are in operation worldwide today.

Fendt offers you this technological experience – compare for yourself. The 800 Vario TMS range has been designed to allow you to take care of all your work with perfection – and without compromises. The result is a tractor to be proud of one with power and intelligence for maximum performance truly a star athlete. The future will prove it.

Well thought out ergonomics and functionality are essential in the cab of a tractor. The Vario 800 workplace was designed with this in mind. The functions are convenient and very easy to understand. Important details that make life easier for the driver are adapted to the challenges of hard daily operation, and offer comfort for a long working day.

Maintaining condition and fitness is essential for the Fendt driver. The intelligent Fendt technology, which enhances the control processes, helps meet these demands. That allows the driver to keep getting the most out of his 800 Vario over a long working day. That makes comfort an economical factor.

A well-adapted, comfortable seat the original Fendt Comfort Seat:
The original Fendt Comfort Seat features an integrated backrest extension along with legroom and tilt adjustment, allows adaptation to virtually all height requirements. This seat attains a new height of comfort through air suspension, automatic weight adjustment and shock absorbers that can be adjusted, from soft to hard. Other health-benefiting features include a lumbar support and an integrated natural air conditioning featuring an activated carbon filter. Your health is important to us.

Welcome to the Variotronic World. You work many hours on a 800 Vario TMS – that is why operating and driving comfort have the highest priority. With its three elements – a joystick, monitor and control console – the new Variotronic not only ensures extraordinary working comfort, but also unparalleled productivity.

With the new Variotronic TI you can recall previously stored, optimized working processes with a touch of a key – again and again. For you this means: ingeniously simple handling – not just during the test drive. Moreover, you will receive full benefits in profitability and productivity during in-field operation.

Driving a tractor is certainly more than just sitting in it and driving away. You know that most of all. There are different conditions to consider for every operation you carry out with your tractor. That is the reason why you should evaluate an operating concept based on specific operations. This was the practical background which was the basis for the development of the Vario operating concept with the Tractor Management System VarioTMS.

Compared to operating concepts on other tractors with stepless transmission, the Tractor Management System VarioTMS Vario TMS from Fendt provides very convincing concrete benefits. It allows you to carry out your work more comfortably and easily. Beginners find their way around quickly and easily, and the VarioTMS concept offers great potential for professionals. Whether you are a beginner or pro – VarioTMS allows you to do your work more profitably.