FENDT 916 Vario Operating Manual

FENDT 916 Vario Operating Manual
FENDT 916 Vario

Dear Customer,
Please note the following:

  • Before using the tractor, carefully read through this Manual to familiarize yourself with all operating controls and their functions before you begin work. This also applies to the operating instructions of the implement manufacturer.
  • Follow all the operating and maintenance instructions. If you do so, your tractor will give you many years of economic and trouble-free operation. You will find an overview of all maintenance operations in the Service Schedule in this Manual.
  • Maintenance and repair work should be carried only at your service workshop. see also the "Important service and maintenance information".

Mounted and trailing equipment

  1. Only attach implements and trailers using the prescribed devices.
  2. Use only trailers which comply with the country-specific regulations. Do not exceed maximum vertical bearing load. Ensure that the tractor-trailer brake system is functioning correctly.
  3. Take special care when hitching trailers or implements!
  4. Secure trailers and implements to prevent them rolling. Make sure that detached implements and components are safely parked.
  5. Be sure all protection devices are correctly attached and in the safety position before operating the tractor.
  6. When using the power lift, always remain well outside the travel range of the three-point link attachment!

Advice for front loader maintenance:

  1. Before undertaking maintenance work, lower the front loader to the ground, switch off the engine and remove the ignition key.
  2. If the pipe fracture protection has engaged, support the load before starting repairs, and slowly retract the cylinder.
  3. Hydraulic hoses deteriorate with age. Check the condition of hydraulic hoses at regular intervals, and replace them in good time.
  4. After attachment and repair operations, drive the tractor for a short time then retighten all mounting screws and nuts and check them regularly.
  5. Retighten eccentric bolt for front loader attachment, if necessary.

FENDT 916 Vario front controls

A = Hand brake
B = Clutch pedal
C = Steering wheel adjustment and quick reverse.
D = Heater and fan controls (see also OPERATION Section 3).
E = Combination switch
F = Heater starter switch
G = Multi-function armrest
H = Accelerator pedal
I = Brake pedals
K = Emergency operation controls (under the cover).
L = Hand throttle


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