FENDT 920 Vario Operating Manual

FENDT 920 Vario Operating Manual
FENDT 920 Vario

The Operating Manual is an integral part of the vehicle package and must be passed on to any subsequent owner in the event of resale. The attention of the new owner should be drawn to this information. If this Manual is lost or damaged and you need a new one, please contact your Fendt dealer, There you will be able to purchase a replacement.

Maintenance intervals
Oil and oil filter change intervals should be halved. After filling a few times with biodiesel, after having used conventional diesel fuel, the fuel filter must be replaced. Since biodiesel acts as a solvent, diesel residues may block the fuel filter.

Instructions for use
Biodiesel is suitable for winter temperatures down to about -10 °C. At temperatures below -10 °C, diesel fuel needs to be added to prevent coagulation of the biodiesel. 50 % Diesel must be added per tank filling. With temperatures below - 16 °C, use only diesel. Biodiesel can be mixed in any proportion with diesel fuel. This may slightly reduce power output. Fuel consumption can be slightly increased. If the tractor is not going to be used for some time (3 months or more), fill with diesel to prevent the fuel injection pump from seizing.

Warning and fault messages
Warning and fault messages are indicated on the multiple display. The warning lamp also flashes and a warning tone is sounded. Fault codes are stored and can be called up for more accurate definition of the fault. These codes are memorised to be called up in the workshop for rapid fault location. In normal status, display shows the clock (A) and the number of operating hours (B).

PTO operation

  1. Always switch off the engine, before fitting or removing the drive shaft. The PTO shaft must be in 0-position.
  2. During PTO operations, allow no-one in the vicinity of the rotating PTO or drive shaft. 3.Make sure drive shaft and PTO are equipped with protective guards and sleeves.
  3. After switching off the PTO, the attached implement may continue running due to the flywheel mass. In this case, do not go near the implement. Approach it only when it has come to a complete standstill.
  4. When the drive shaft is removed, cover the PTO shaft with its protective cap.


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