Crown Counterbalance Trucks FC4500 Operator Manual

This operator manual has information for all models of series FC4500 plus some options and accessories. Some of the illustrations and information may not apply to your truck.
CHECK YOUR TRUCK BEFORE STARTING WORK: You must make sure your truck is safe to use.
Walk around your truck and check it over.

  1. Check to make sure the battery is charged, water level is OK and vent caps are in place. Don't use an open fl ame to check a battery.
  2. Make certain the battery retainer is properly installed.
  3. See that all wheels are in good condition.
  4. Make sure all lights are working.
  5. Check that both forks are secure and not bent, cracked or badly worn.
  6. Inspect all lift chains for damage.
  7. Look under the truck for signs of hydraulic leaks.
  8. Inspect the seat belt for wear.
  9. Turn the key to TEST. See that the alarm and all indicator lights are working.
  10. Test the horn.
  11. Make sure the power disconnect works.

Test drive your truck in an uncongested area.

  1. Adjust the operator seat and steering wheel to their most comfortable positions.
  2. Fasten your seat belt.
  3. Try all the hydraulic functions.
  4. Check that the steering is easy and smooth.
  5. Drive the truck slowly in both directions.
  6. Drive through the full speed range in both forward and reverse.
  7. Check braking and plugging distances in forward and reverse. Load size and fl oor conditions can affect these distances.
  8. Know the distance it takes to stop before you start working. If the braking distance is too long to stop safely, don't drive the truck.

Crown Counterbalance Trucks FC4500

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