Caterpillar Gas Engine 351B Service Manual

Caterpillar Gas Engine 351B Ignition Timing
A complete fuel analysis must be conducted prior to putting the engine into service. Obtain a fuel analysis in order to determine the fuel energy content and calculate the methane number. The methane number indicates the ability of the fuel to be ignited. The methane number is determined when you input the data from the fuel analysis into the Methane Number Program, LEKQ6378. Use the methane number and the Engine Performance, "Fuel Usage Guide" in order to determine the ignition timing.

Obtain several samples of fuel if the quality is expected to change. If the methane number will vary during engine operation, use the lowest expected value in order to determine ignition timing.

Caterpillar Gas Engine 351B Maximum Load
Refer to the Data Sheet on the engine performance from the engines Technical Marketing Information (TMI) in order to determine the engine power level for the altitude, the temperature, and the methane number. Use the information in the Engine Performance, LEBQ6117 in order to determine the maximum engine load. The desired engine load must not exceed the maximum engine load.

Caterpillar Gas Engine 351B Inlet Manifold Pressure at Full Load
Use the inlet manifold pressure to estimate the engines load. The inlet manifold pressure may be used if the engine timing and the exhaust NOx are set properly. Refer to the Data Sheet on the engine performance from the engines TMI in order to determine the inlet manifold pressures for specific settings of timing and of emissions. If the engine power is derated, interpolate the desired inlet manifold pressure between the 100 percent and the 75 percent load ratings.

Caterpillar Gas Engine 351B Level of Exhaust Emissions
The 156-1060 Emissions Analyzer Gp or another emissions analyzer is required to set up a gas engine. The engines performance Data Sheet gives the levels of emissions for engine loads of 50 percent, of 75 percent, and of 100 percent. Set up the engine in accordance with the Data Sheet at the desired full load with the data that was taken at 100 percent load.

Caterpillar Gas Pressure Regulator
The gas pressure regulator requires adjustment when the engine is installed. Use only Caterpillar approved regulators in order to avoid problems with performance. A balance line for the regulator is required on all gas engines. This line compensates for changes in boost pressure or in air filter restriction.

Caterpillar Gas Engine 351B Requirements for the Electrical System
All of the wiring must conform to the requirements of CSA Class 1 Division 2 Group C,D. The wiring must also conform to all other codes that are applicable to the site.

When you route the wiring, avoid acute bends and sharp edges. To protect the wiring harnesses, route the harnesses through the metal conduit. A liquid tight conduit is recommended. Use proper support and alignment in order to avoid strain on the conduit.

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The engine control system requires a clean 24 VDC power supply. The maximum allowable AC ripple voltage is 150 mV AC peak to peak. For the wiring, the maximum allowable voltage drop is 1 VDC from the power supply to the Electronic Control Module (ECM) or to an actuator. The power supply can supply 20 amp of continuous power. The circuit for the engine control system must be separate from the circuit for the electric starting motor.

Caterpillar Gas Engine 351B Grounding Practices
Proper grounding is necessary for optimum engine performance and reliability. Improper grounding will result in electrical current paths that are uncontrolled and unreliable.

Uncontrolled electrical circuit paths can result in damage to main bearings, to crankshaft bearing journal surfaces, and to aluminum components. Uncontrolled electrical circuit paths can also cause electrical activity that may degrade the engine electronics and communications.

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