Caterpillar SR4B Generators Operation and Maintenance Manual

Caterpillar SR4B Generators Operation and Maintenance Manual
Caterpillar Generators SR4B

Caterpillar SR4B Generators and Control Panels

This manual contains operation instructions and maintenance information. The operation section is a reference for the new operator and a refresher for the experienced one. Read - study - and keep it handy.

Illustrations guide the operator through the correct procedures of checking, starting, operating and stopping the engine driven generator. The maintenance section is a guide to equipment care and has illustrated step-by-step instructions.

Some photographs in this publication may show details or attachments that may be different from your equipment. Also, guards and covers may have been removed for illustrative purposes. Continuing improvement and advancement of product design may have caused changes to your engine driven generator which may not be covered in this publication.

Whenever a question arises regarding your engine driven generator or this publication, please consult your Caterpillar dealer for the latest available information.

Generator Identification
Every Caterpillar Generator has a serial number stamped on the nameplate and on the frame. The plate is located on the left side of the generator. The number identifies the generator type, capacity, and nominal voltage of the generator.

Ordering Parts
Quality Caterpillar replacement parts are available from Caterpillar dealers throughout the world. Their parts stocks are up to date and include all parts normally required to protect your investment in Caterpillar equipment.

When ordering parts, your order should specify the quantity, part number, part name and serial number, arrangement number and modification number of the equipment for which the parts are needed. If in doubt about the part number, please provide your dealer with a complete description of the needed item.


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