Caterpillar C9 Industrial Engine Parts Manual

Numbers shown in the Ref No column correspond to numbers used in the associated graphic(s). An alphabetic suffix may be added to a reference number to identify lower level consist items. Numbers shown in the Graphic Ref column refer to the graphic number identifier displayed in the lower left corner of each illustration. The Graphic Ref number may be used in combination with the item Ref No to determine the correct part number. There may be intentional omission of a Ref No in a consist list as information is updated to reflect the latest serviceable part numbers.

Type - A type is defined as any configuration change that requires an additional Information Element for an Arrangement, Group, or Assembly. If serial number breaks for types are not available, a type # ( Type 1,Type 2, etc.) will be displayed in the caption. These "type" changes are identified with a "C" note (change from previous type) in the Parts List. Only the "types" that apply to this Parts Manual will be included. Additional types may exist causing "C" notes to appear on an Information Element when no other types are shown.

Caterpillar C9 Parts Manual

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