Caterpillar C15 Standby Generator Set Parts Manual

Caterpillar engines are identified with Serial Numbers and Arrangement Numbers. In some cases, Modification Numbers are also used. The serial number plate which shows these numbers is mounted on the engine. Caterpillar dealers need this information to determine which components were included on the engine when it was assembled at the factory. This permits accurate identification of replacement part numbers.

Quality Caterpillar replacement parts are available from Caterpillar dealers throughout the world. Their parts inventories are up to date and include all parts normally required to protect your investment in Caterpillar machines. Dealers may offer repair kits or remanufactured parts to allow selection of the most effective repair alternative for a particular situation. When ordering parts, your order should specify the quantity, part number, part name, and the serial number/product identification number of the engine for which the parts are needed.

Caterpillar C15 Product information in this manual is presented as "information elements" that represent all of the components for the specific model. Engine Arrangement and Seat Group are examples of information elements. The information elements are organized alphabetically by part name and secondarily by part number within each major section of the manual.

A table of contents (TOC) is found at the beginning of the manual. The TOC lists each section of the manual with a complete list of all information elements organized as they appear in the manual. Page numbers are provided for quick reference to detailed parts identification illustrations and serviceable consist lists.

The Maintenance Parts Index, located near the beginning of the manual, references most frequently used maintenance part numbers, providing description, quantity, usage and page number. This information is organized alphabetically by part description.

Only those generators which are sold and serviced exclusively by "Caterpillar" Dealers are illustrated on the following pages. Externally-regulated "Caterpillar" Diesel Electric Sets are equipped with generators made by other manufacturers. Parts for these generators are NOT serviced by Caterpillar Inc. Parts lists and parts should be ordered from the manufacturer whose name is shown on the Generator Name Plate, always giving the generator rating and serial number shown.

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