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Caterpillar 416E Parts Manual Caterpillar machines are identified by Product Identification Numbers (PIN). Some components included in a machine may be identified by Serial Numbers (S/N). Typical components that will be serialized include engines, transmissions, bulldozers, and rippers. The machine and engine are further identified by arrangement numbers and in some cases modification numbers. These numbers are shown on the product identification plate(s) and on the master plate in the operator's compartment.

Caterpillar 416E Parts Catalogue Effective First Quarter 2001 the Caterpillar Product Identification Number (PIN) changed from 8 to 17 characters. In an effort to provide uniform equipment identification, Caterpillar and other construction equipment manufacturers are moving to comply with the latest version of the product identification numbering standard. Non-road machine PINs are defined by ISO 10261. The new PIN format will apply to all Caterpillar machines and generator sets. The PIN plates and frame marking will display the 17 character PIN.

Caterpillar 416E Spare Parts Quality Caterpillar replacement parts are available from Caterpillar dealers throughout the world. Their parts inventories are up to date and include all parts normally required to protect your investment in Caterpillar machines. Dealers may offer repair kits or remanufactured parts to allow selection of the most effective repair alternative for a particular situation. When ordering parts, your order should specify the quantity, part number, part name, and the serial number/product identification number of the machine for which the parts are needed.

Caterpillar 416E Additives deplete from the coolant with normal operation. For this reason, Supplemental Coolant Additives (SCA) must be added to all heavy duty coolants at regular intervals. In addition, when not using a fully formulated, pre-charged antifreeze, like Caterpillar's DEAC, an initial charge of SCA must be added to the cooling system. The amount of SCA added to the system is dependent on the capacity of the system. The SCA for initial fill is provided as a liquid. SCA's for maintenance intervals are available in liquid form and as a spin-on element. (No Spin-on available for 3600 Family of Engines)

Caterpillar 416E Parts Manual

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