BYD S6, S6A, S6K Owner’s and Service Manual

BYD S6, S6A, S6K Owner’s and Service Manual

Thank you for choosing a BYD AUTO. To help you use and maintain your BYD AUTO, please read the Instruction Manual carefully. If you have any doubts about the instructions, please contact the BYD auto sales service station for help. BYD S6 Service Manual,BYD S6 Owner’s Manual,BYD S6 User Manual,BYD S6 Maintenance Manual,BYD S6 workshop Manual,BYD S6 fault codes,BYD S6 wiring diagrams. As BYD AUTO adopts the EFI (electronic fuel injection) engine and as its electric wiring structure is complicated, do not install additional electric appliances yourself, such as anti-theft systems, multi-media systems, and xenon headlights. Please use original spare parts from BYD. Otherwise, any faults caused will not be covered by BYD's warranty (guarantee of repair, replacement and return). To prevent loss caused by vehicle accidents, it is suggested that vehicle insurances including the "self-ignition loss insurance" and the "theft & robbery insurance", etc be purchased. In addition, please do not leave valuables in your car so as protect your car better and protect your valuables from being stolen.

BYD Auto Sincere Service Commitment
Thanks for your choice. Thanks to your concern, some of our services are superior to the industry standard thanks to your suggestions, we continue to pursue better service. In order to provide you with excellent service, we are committed to:

  1. Keep smile and enthusiastic whenever and wherever
  2. Provide you with a clean environment for rest
  3. Provide you with warm reception the first time you enter into the shop
  4. Valuate the machine repair items before servicing give the final price of maintenance items new items will subject to your confirmation before settlement, we will check with you item by item again
  5. Estimate the servicing time and follow up notify you immediately if there is any delay. If you want to check the servicing process, I will reply in 10 minutes
  6. In the servicing process, I use the six-piece suit interior protection and three-piece exterior protection for your car.
  7. Only use genuine parts
  8. Whatever question or need, I will reply immediately until solved
  9. I will pay a return visit within three days to ensure that your car drives normally
  10. Any opinion and suggestion are appreciated.

The manual aims to help you use the car correctly, but does not include all instructions about its configuration. For the configuration, please consult the contract related to the product (if any), or consult the dealer selling the product to you. Figures in the manual are for reference only. If any figure in the manual is inconsistent with the actual object, the actual product will prevail. BYD Auto Industry Company Limited reserves the right for revising the technical characteristics and contents and the spare part status alteration in this manual without prior notice.

File NameLink
BYD S6, S6A, S6K Owner’s & Maintenance Manual
BYD S6, S6A, Manual de servicio S6K (Workshop Repair Manual)
Byd S6 Touch Owner’s Manual Español
BYD S6 Maintenance and Owner’s Manual
BYD S6 2.4L Specifications

Carrying Luggage
There are many storage features on the vehicle that aid in carrying luggage safely. If luggage is overloaded or improper loaded, it may affect the driving stability, manoeuvrability and normal operation of the vehicle, and reduce vehicle safety. Therefore, make sure to read the following instructions before loading luggage.

ABS (Anti-lock Brake System)
The ABS helps prevent the wheels from locking when the brakes are applied suddenly and firmly or applied on a slippery surface, helping to ensure excellent driving stability and steering performance of the vehicle. .It is easy to activate the ABS in wet weather conditions such as rain or snow, when depressing the brake pedal on roads with a low friction coefficient. You just need to depress the brake pedal firmly to activate ABS, so do not depress the brake pedal repeatedly in emergency braking.

Brake Pad Warning Plate
When it is necessary to replace the brake pad due to wear, the brake pad warning plate will sound. If you hear the sound continuously during driving, allow the nearest BYD service station inspect and replace the brake pad. Do not continue to drive the vehicle when hearing the alarm. It is a normal phenomenon for friction between brake pad and brake disc to occur and sometimes make a sound during braking.


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