BYD Yuan, S1 Owner’s and Service Manual

BYD Yuan, S1 Owner’s and Service Manual
BYD Yuan, BYD S1

BYD S1 EV car is a new energy, new power and pure electric passenger vehicle, and is an environmentally friendly product strived by BYD. The body is a load-bearing type, the stringer is front-and-back through type, and the power battery pack is integrated with the body to fully guarantee the safety of the battery pack and the car. BYD S1 Service Manual,BYD S1 Owner’s Manual,BYD S1 User Manual,BYD S1 Maintenance Manual,BYD S1 workshop Manual,BYD S1 fault codes,BYD S1 wiring diagrams

Since BYD S1 EV car is driven by a motor under various operating conditions, it has completely achieved zero emissions in terms of environmental protection. The car is completely driven under pure electric power conditions, so the noise inside and outside the car is extremely small, which can provide users with driving and riding experiences that the fuel-driven car cannot achieve.

The safety of the high-voltage system is fully considered in the design process of the car, and the safety of the passengers in the car can be fully protected in case of any collision. The battery management unit can be used to monitor the power battery at all times, and adjust the power output from each battery unit based on various performance indexes, such as voltage and current, to prevents a series of faults affecting battery performance, such as overcharge, overdischarge, and overtemperature, and so as to ensure the battery operation under normal conditions. The 120kW motor or 70kW motor can provide high speed and high torque for S1 EV to realize powerful startup and acceleration performance.

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BYD S1 EV User Manual

The BYD Yuan EV's 'Dragon Face' design was created by a world-class team of professionals. Yuan EV It is characterized by its modern style and single or double colors that allow you to personalize your character. With a range of 300 km, you can travel anywhere in the city, and recharge from 30% to 80% in just half an hour. Have a coffee and then go back on your way. BYD Yuan Service Manual,BYD Yuan Owner’s Manual,BYD Yuan User Manual,BYD Yuan Maintenance Manual,BYD Yuan workshop Manual,BYD Yuan fault codes,BYD Yuan wiring diagrams.

The manual is used to help you use the product correctly and does not represent any description of the configuration and software version of the product. For product configurations and software versions, please consult the contract associated with the product (if any) or consult your vendor. To inquire for the power battery recycling network, please access the official website of BYD Auto.

VDC (Vehicle Dynamic Control)
When the car turns suddenly during driving, VDC system can determine the driving intention based on the information, such as the steering wheel rotation angle and the driving speed, and compare continuously them with the actual situation of the car if the car is deviated from the normal driving route, VDC can be used to correct the route by braking the corresponding wheels to help the driver to control the slipping and maintain the driving stability of the car.


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