BYD L3 Owner’s and Service Manual

BYD L3 Owner’s and Service Manual

Thank you for choosing BYD L3. For better use and maintenance of your BYD L3.AUTO, please do read this Manual carefully. Special Warning: BYD Auto Industry Company Limited assumes NO liability for any vehicle damage or failure and collateral damage caused by re-moulding, retrofitting or parts change of BYD L3.

Thank you for choosing BYD L3, and your comments and suggestions will be welcomed. To allow us to provide better service to you our esteemed customer, please make sure to provide us with your accurate contact information. In the case of any change to your contact details, please contact BYD sales service center to update it in our system. Meanwhile, we would suggest you to check your national laws and regulations as well as your local policies and obtain a license plates as soon as possible, thus to avoid any possible legal risk that could arise thereof. BYD L3 Service Manual,BYD L3 Owner’s Manual,BYD L3 User Manual,BYD L3 Maintenance Manual,BYD L3 workshop Manual,BYD L3 fault codes,BYD L3 wiring diagrams.

Complete Vehicle Parameter of BYD L3

Complete Vehicle Parameter of BYD L3

BYD authorized service station can replace wheel correctly. A wheel with different size or type might inflict unfavorable effect on operation, service life of wheel and bearing, cooling of brake, speedometer/odometer setting, braking performance, headlight accuracy, bumper height, distance from the ground, distance between tire or tire chain and car body or chassis.

Do not replace with an old tire. The old tire might have been disposed or have run for a long way and fault might occur without any sign. Likewise, the aligned bent wheel has damaged structure. Therefore, do not use it. Do not use an inner tube designed for a tubeless tire in a leaking wheel.

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BYD L3 Maintenance and Owner’s Manual
BYD L3 AUTO Owner’s Manual

Before adding cleanser
Pull out the cleanser funnel and hang it on support holder of the engine hood. Clean water may serve as cleanser. However, in a cold area, when temperature is below 0 degree of centigrade, please use cleanser containing anti-freezing agent. The product is available in BYD authorized service station and most automobile parts shop. Refer to the manufacturer instruction for mixture ratio of water.

Replace Bulb
The following diagram shows how to remove a bulb. When replacing a bulb, please confirm that ignition switch and lamp switch are in OFF status. Use a bulb with the same rated power as that in the following table.

When the car travels in a rainy day or its rear lamp cover is dampened after washing the car, lamp shade of headlight or other external lamps might fog temporarily. Just as a windshield glass fogs in a rainy day, the fogging phenomenon is caused by temperature difference between inside and outside of lampshade, which is not a malfunction. However, if there is large water drops inside the lampshade or there is accumulated inside the lamp, please contact BYD authorized service station.


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