BYD F0 Owner’s and Service Manual

BYD F0 Owner’s and Service Manual

Thank you for choosing BYD F0. For better use and maintenance of BYD F0 AUTO, please do read this manual carefully. BYD F0 adopts electrical fuel injection (EFI) engine. The wiring harness is complicated, so, without permission, please do NOT add electrical appliances such as anti-theft systems, central controlled door locks, power window, audio equipment, etc. to the AUTO; otherwise the failure caused by it will not be covered by the “Warranty" of BYD. BYD F0 Service Manual,BYD F0 Owner’s Manual,BYD F0 User Manual,BYD F0 Maintenance Manual,BYD F0 workshop Manual,BYD F0 fault codes,BYD F0 wiring diagrams

Vehicle Identification of BYD F0
Two vehicle identification number labels are pasted respectively on the left upper side of the instrument panel and the floor beam under the co-driver seat as shown in the above figure. The vehicle identification number is also marked on the manufactory nameplate at the bottom of the right side-frame B column as shown in the above figure. Figure above shows the fuel grade
indication sign, which is pasted on the inner side of the fuel lid.

BYD F0 Operation of Instruments and Controllers

  1. Side duct
  2. Tachometer (if equipped)
  3. Combined instrument
  4. Central air outlet
  5. Rearview mirror control handle
  6. Manual transmission shift handle
  7. Parking brake handgrip
  8. Power window switch (if equipped)
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Unlocking and locking with the key
Insert the key into the key hole and turn it. Unlock: Turn the key rightward. Lock: Turn the key leftward. When the auto is equipped with central door lock control systems, the side doors and the drive-side door will be simultaneously locked and unlocked.

Unlocking and locking of the lock knob
Unlock: Pull the lock knob upward. Lock: Press the lock knob downward. Friendly Tips: To lock the auto doors from the side side, set the lock know at the locking position before closing the front side door, and then lift the side outer pull handle and close the door. Take care not to lock the key in the car.

Rear-door child protection lock
Shift the lock lever to the “LOCK” position as the above figure When the child protection lock is locked up, the rear door cannot be opened with the inner catch handle (can be opened with the outer pull handle).

Electric door windows (if equipped)
The front electric window switches at the left/right side of the auxiliary instrument panel can respectively control the left/right front door windows. Operation of the front door window: The ignition key should be in “II” position. Open: Press down the switch lightly. Close: Pull upward the switch lightly.