Buick Terraza Owner’s Service Manual

Buick Terraza Owner’s Service Manual
Buick Terraza

Family utility vehicles have always stressed usefulness over beauty, cargo room over comfort, and seating capacity over style. Buick decided to set a new aesthetic standard and created Buick Terraza. Here is a seven-passenger family van with sophisticated lines that never shout “practicality.” A van with an impressive amount of cargo room and the luxury of leather-appointed first- and second-row seats with contrasting piping. A van with ingenious ways of stowing gear and the calm of a cabin hushed by QuietTuning. A van with the power to take you where you want to go and a premium suspension to smooth the way. Experience sophistication and refinement never before seen in a family van. Experience the aesthetic standard of Buick Terraza.

Buick Terraza Service Manual
From its inception, Buick Terraza wasdesigned to achieve impressive levels of interior quietness. But our engineers wanted more. So they specified QuietTuning. It’s a Buick-pioneered process that employs the following three strategies to transform 2015 buick verano owners manual cabin into a sanctuary from the outside world.

Clearly, noise that’s addressed at its source is noise that can’t enter a vehicle and disturb its passengers. That’s where our engineers began their quest for quiet. They analyzed powertrain noise coming from Buick Terraza’s engine and exhaust system, and found ways to make a significant reduction. They employed acoustic damping on the shock towers and air/fuel plenum. Finally, they addressed a source of noise most people might never consider. Tires rolling over pavement can create a surprising amount of noise, so our engineers specified quiet-tread tires. These tires have a rubber composition designed not only to provide good grip, but also to produce very little tread noise.

Buick Terraza Owner’s Manual
Much of the noise that can’t be eliminated at its source can be denied entry into the passenger compartment of a vehicle. To that end, our engineers studied the noise entering the interior of Buick Terraza and found several ways to make a real difference. An acoustic engine cover absorbs a significant amount of engine noise before it gets near the passenger compartment. Enhanced absorbers on the hood and air/fuel plenum also contribute. Enhanced insulators are incorporated on the front fenders. Denser, heavier acoustic material is placed between the engine compartment and the passenger cabin. Plus improved sealing techniques reduce wind noise.

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Despite all the efforts to deny its entry into the passenger compartment of Terraza, some noise manages to sneak in. Our engineers have an acoustic welcoming party waiting. Denser insulation at the front of the instrument panel and carpet help absorb sound. Special acoustic materials are strategically positioned behind interior trim and over the rear wheel houses to help absorb noise before it ever reaches the ears of Terraza’s driver and passengers. The final result of QuietTuning is a peaceful calm that pervades the cabin of Terraza. You’ll be amazed by what you don’t hear.

Quietly, Buick has taken its place among the world leaders in quality on some important measures. We’ve been recognized by industry experts. Our higher standards have been noted throughout the automotive press. Some of our key assembly plants have won prominent awards. But we know that the difference between a car you like and a car you love isn’t only about quality design and construction. It’s also about a quality driving experience.


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