Buick Encore Owner’s Service Manual

Buick Encore Owner’s Service Manual
Buick Encore

From first impressions to daily inspiration, Buick Encore delivers again and again. The unique winged grille and LED daytime running lamps elevate the sculptural details. To further set Encore apart, its athletic stance is paired with distinctively designed wheels. Add its sporty, turbocharged performance and you have all the style and power needed to carve your own path.

Come for the sporty performance. Stay for the nimble maneuverability. Encore rewards in so many ways, making every ride a joyride, starting with a 1.4L turbocharged engine that is as advanced as it is purposeful. Add a tight turning radius and you have what it takes to savor every twist and turn the road has to offer.

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Encore’s available All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) system doesn’t ask you to push buttons. It constantly monitors traction, and whenever it detects loss of traction, the AWD system automatically activates and sends power to the front or rear wheels with the best grip.

To help you stay confidently in command of the road ahead, the StabiliTrak stability control system applies quick, precise force to the brakes when it senses a difference between the direction of the wheels and the steering wheel.

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Encore gives you roomy seating for up to five. And thanks to its 60/40 split rear seats and flat-folding front-passenger seat, it also offers you the versatility to carry various combinations of passengers and cargo. So whether you need to seat your friends in surprisingly spacious luxury or load your belongings into the cargo area, Encore easily adapts.

Your new Buick comes with a host of available in-vehicle benefits. Connected Access1 offers the latest technology to help you improve every drive — and you get standard connectivity for up to 10 years, giving you access to features like monthly diagnostic emails and the ability to order and pay for takeout food and purchase fuel through Marketplace in your vehicle’s in-dash infotainment system. You can also take your ownership experience to new levels by upgrading to other Buick Connected Services.


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