Buick Rendezvous Owner’s Service Manual

Buick Rendezvous Owner’s Service Manual
Buick Rendezvous

Beautifully sculpted body panels that fit together witheye eye-pleasing precision. Quiet cabins that become a sanctuary from the outside world. Fabrics and materials that would feel perfectly at home in your home. Engines so smooth you may have to check the tachometer to be sure they're running. Suspensions that strike the elusive balance between precise control and a comfortable ride. Technology designed to help protect you and your family before, during and even after a collision. Craftsmanship you sense everywhere you turn. Can cars have a level of quality that can actually improve the quality of your life? Welcome to Buick Rendezvous.

Buick Rendezvous Owner’s Manual
Sedans have been around since the 17th century. SUVs since World War II. Minivans since kids discovered soccer. They’re all great vehicles, but sometimes you need a little of each of them. So, what if the styling and capabilities of an SUV, the ride and comfort of a luxury sedan and the seating capacity of a minivan were all offered together? Now that would be one very intelligent, innovative and versatile crossover vehicle. That would be Buick Buick Rendezvous.

And now every Buick Rendezvous has the impressive advantages of QuietTuning. TM A Buick-pioneered process, QuietTuning reduces noise at its source, blocks the noise path and absorbs noise before it reaches passengers’ ears. All to transform the cabin into a hushed sanctuary from the outside world. It’s time to cross over to the refined design of Buick Rendezvous.

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Buick Rendezvous Service, Repair and Workshop Manual

Buick Rendezvous has always been a sophisticated vehicle. But for 2006 and beyond, our engineers wanted to achieve much more impressive levels of interior quietness. So they specified QuietTuning. It’s a Buickpioneered process that employs the following three strategies to transform 2015 buick verano owners manual cabin into a anctuary from the outside world.

Buick Rendezvous Service Manual
Buick Rendezvous’ rear suspension is fully independent. It employs a short and long arm design with unequallength control arms and a toecontrol link. The upper and lower control arms, knuckles and crossmembers are fabricated from aluminum to help maximize strength while minimizing mass. Premium monotube shock absorbers help provide excellent wheel control and road isolation compared to a twin-tube design. Plus, the rear suspension is isolated from the body to reduce the road noise and smooth the ride. The automatic rear-level control system, included in the available trailering package, is designed to help improve ride and handling while carrying loads. It works by adding an air bladder around each rear shock absorber which is inflated by an on-board compressor. It automatically helps level the rear of the vehicle when heavy loads are carried or a trailer is connected.


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