Alfa Romeo GTV Owner’s Service Manual

Alfa Romeo GTV Owner’s Service Manual
Alfa Romeo GTV

The heritage of the Alfa Romeo GT is proud, unique and 2492 cc deeply steeped in racing. The GTV 6/2.5 represents the best of Alfa Romeo performance, both in speed and road-holding. It’s also the most powerful Alfa Romeo ever sold in America A luxury sports car of the highest standard,our GTV6has been honored by Road & Track as the Best Sports GT:one of the10 best cars for the 80s.

Alfa Romeo GTV Repair Manual
The V6 engine is cast aluminum alloy in a short-stroke 60° veeconfiguration. The design used minimize swear and torsional vibration, while providing exceptional balance and torque throughout the power ranges. This results in increased engine responsiveness and smooth higher speed running Aluminum Is used tosaveweight and dissipate heat quickly. Hemispherical combustion chambers, wet sleeves and oversized valves maximize output. Also highly noteworthy:cool running sodiumfilled exhaust valves and a forged steel crankshaft, treated by the process of nitriding for high surface strength and increased load capacity Both are standard racing practice.

Fuel iniection is the Bosch L-Jetronic System which electronically provides accurate fuel metering. This, al( wig with solid state ignition, increases power output, fuel efficiency, smtxxh running and reduces maintenance requirements.

The Alfa Romeo V6 produces wide torque and power bands resulting in better than one horsepower per cubic inch of displacement, all with surprising fuel economy” Power is transmitted through a compact driveshaft to the rear mounted, aluminum alloy transaxlethat contains thedouble-disc racingclutch. Vspeed transmission and in board disc brakes.

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Balanced handling begins with .Alfa Romeo’s advanced design. The light V-6 weight in from Ls offset by live rear mounted transaxle containing the dutch, flywheel, transmission,differential and brakes With the rear transaxle assemble; steering Ls lightened and rear wheel adhesion is increased. Steering is rack and pinion with a hydraulic clamper for improved control.

The disc braking system, with ventilated front discs, stops the GTV 6 quickly from 60 to 0 mph in 137 feet. Pirelli P-6 tires mounted on wide Campagnolo "Elektron"alloy wheelsarestandard.

The front suspension is independent with longitudinal torsion bars Cornering Ls very flat. Stabilizer bars are standard. In the rear, the sophisticated deDion suspension is used. It reduces unsprung weight and causes the rear tires to be perpendicular to the road surface* for maximum possible tire adhesion It combines the best advantages of both independent rear suspension and a solid rear axle. Watts linkage adds further control. This system is exclusive to the Alfa Romeo GTV’6.


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