Alfa Romeo Giulia Owner’s Service Manual

Alfa Romeo Giulia Owner’s Service Manual
Alfa Romeo Giulia

Alfa Romeo Racing and the Giulia Quadrifoglio share a special bond: Alfa Romeo DNA that’s steeped in pacesetting innovation. Alfa Romeo has long leveraged racetrack technology with street-smart design to make its mark in Formula 1 racing and commuter lanes alike.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Service Manual
The courage to reach further it’s what sets this brand, its designers and its drivers apart. Racing still serves to prove and inspire Alfa Romeo design, long known to be geared for both track and street. It has produced a wide range of innovative vehicles that are now hailed as classics. From the 8C 2300 (which won the 1931 Le Mans) to the Giulia GTA (taking several 1960s European Touring Car Championship titles) to the Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti (an Italian Superturismo series champ in the 1990s), Alfa Romeo continues to push ahead in order to proudly look back.

For well over a century, Alfa Romeo designers and engineers have built a legendary brand by achieving remarkable symmetry: their goals of creating heightened emotions and developing innovative technology are passionately pursued in equal measure. These defining principles inspire everything from our most powerful Formula 1 entries to today’s Giulia Quadrifoglio all clocking in world-class performance laps on racing’s most challenging tracks. The main takeaway from the unique, driver-centric design of Alfa Romeo? A relentless intensity that transforms every road and every passenger.

Beyond breathtaking performance, Alfa Romeo Giulia represents a way of living … the Italian way … where passion drives everything from food to music to design. Its influence is unmistakable with every glance and touch. As shown here inside Giulia Ti Sport, Red performance Sportleather-trimmed seats set a spirited tone. The cabin embraces a striking combination of materials; Aluminum trim is accented with a complementing finish for the paddle shifters, pedals and footrest. Heated front seats and steering wheel are leather-wrapped; 14-way power front seats include 4-way lumbar support with power bolsters and manual thigh support. It’s all just a snapshot of the wide-ranging interior choices available across the Giulia lineup, outlined inthe specification pages.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Owner’s Manual
The historic Quadrifoglio emblem began with legendary Alfa Romeo driver, Ugo Sivocci. Hoping to turn around a string of losses, Sivocci hand-painted a perennial good-luck symbol on the side of his race car: the four-leaf clover. With it, he went on to win the 1923 Targa Florio. Weeks later, however, Sivocci tragically lost his life in a vehicle that was missing his clover charm. From that point on, Alfa Romeo adorned all its top-performing vehicles with the Quadrifoglio, modifying the emblem’s white square background to become a triangle its missing corner symbolizing the loss of Sivocci. Today, Giulia Quadrifoglio proudly bears this lucky marque and earns it at every turn.

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The Q4 All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system offers the performance and driving pleasure of Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD), switching to AWD only when warranted. Under normal conditions,the standard Q4 AWD system (not available on Quadrifoglio) sends 100 percent of the engine torque to the rear axle. When necessary, the system can automatically transfer up to 60 percent of the torque to the front axle, thanks to the Active Transfer Case (ATC). It continuously monitors road conditions to deliver ideal torque distribution, maximizing grip and performance.

ALFA DNA (DYNAMIC/NATURAL/ADVANCED EFFICIENCY) DRIVE MODE SELECTORS Both the Alfa DNA Drive Mode Selector and Quadrifoglio’s exclusive Alfa DNA Pro instantaneously adapt the behaviour of the vehicle to the selected driving mode. The systems automatically reset to “Natural” at the vehicle start whileretaining the ability to change modes at any time.

Giulia excels at high-lateral acceleration with its front double-wishbone suspension. Its semi-virtual steering axis delivers rapid,accurate steering. In the rear, a patented 41/2-link system makes for optimum lateral grip and comfort on any surface.


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