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Acura TSX Overview
Point the Acura TSX toward any stretch of asphalt and you’ll quickly get a sense of how uniquely in tune it is with both you and the road. It all star ts with the bod y structure. High-tensile steel used in the construction of both the Acura TSX Sedan and Sport Wagon has the dual distinction of increasing the strength of the chassis while also reducing its weight for more nimble response. The race-bred suspension system takes full advantage of the rigid chassis, responding to driver input with minimal body roll. Speed-sensitive steering lets you feel through your f ingertips how the wheels are encountering the road.

Among the qualities you’ll f ind in ever y Acura engine is the ability to generate power beyond what is expected for its displacement size. The 2.4-liter engine powering the Acura TSX Sedan and Spor t Wagon is no exception. By altering the valve movement, it generates peak output throughout the power band. From a standing star t, you’ll feel it as low-end torque produces a satisfying rush. At speed, the engine gets its second wind, sending horsepower numbers up past the point where you’d expect them to start falling. A 7100-rpm redline translates into high-re vving action. For those seeking e ven bigger thrills, the Acura TSX Sedan also has an available V-6 engine. Generating 280 hp, it launches you off the line with authority. The V-6 model also gets its own suspension tuning and larger diameter wheels, further lengthening its performance parameters.

Inside the Acura TSX cabin, you’ll f ind an environment tuned for performance. The driver’s seat is bolstered for more positive contact during spirited driving. Buttons and switches are placed for intuiti ve operation. The leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob offer a tactile feel. But an emphasis on spor t doesn’t mean the abandonment of refinement. The eight-way power driver’s seat adjustments, tied to the memor y system, let you quickly get into your ideal position. The dual-zone automatic climate control, available as a GPS-linked system, also accommodates your individual preferences.

With abundant leather, and on the V-6 Sedan, Active Sound Control technology, the cabin of the TSX is a sanctuar y from life’s harsher elements. But don’t get the idea that once inside, you’re cut off from the outside world. Zagat Survey restaurant reviews, included with the available voiceactivated Acura Navigation System, mean that the TSX will not only get you there, it will also help ensure that “there” is worth getting to. You can even phone ahead for a reser vation through your connected Bluetooth enabled cell phone.1 The navigation system also includes traff ic and weather information 2 and suggests alternative routes if necessary. It’s all designed to keep you in the know, no matter where you go.

Acura TSX Service Manual PDF
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The available Acura/ELS Surround Premium Audio System was created with the help of GRAMMY Award-winning engineer and producer Elliot Scheiner. Indi vidually tuned to both the Sedan and Sport Wagon’s interiors, the system is designed to recreate the depth and nuance of the original studio recording. The 10-speaker setup features XM Radio 3 and can play DVD-Audio discs as well as the songs on the internal hard disk drive (HDD) or your USB-connected iPod.

With its ample capacity, as well as numerous hidden storage compartments, the TSX Sport Wagon is the perfect addition to an active lifestyle. As our first ever wagon, we also made sure it could deliver everything you expect in an Acura. Which means it can handle cur ves as well as cargo.

As no area of engineering advancement is more important than driver and passenger safety, both the TSX Sedan and Sport Wagon feature an impressive array of safety features. It all starts with the Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) body structure, which helps direct frontal crash energy around the passenger cabin. Away from those inside.

Both vehicles also feature numerous systems designed to help keep incidents from happening in the first place, like Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA), Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist. The TSX Sport Wagon’s highway rating of 30 mpg 5 means more miles between fill-ups. 60.5 cubic feet of cargo capacity means you can make the most out of ever y one of them.

When you purchase a vehicle with the exceptional quality of an Acura, you expect service and support to be of the same caliber. After all, a premium automobile is only part of the ownership experience. With Acura you also get a commitment. To personalized care. To attentive service. This commitment is apparent the moment you first enter an Acura dealership and for years down the road. It comes from a belief that every aspect of owning an Acura should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

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