Yanmar SCR System PDF

Yanmar SCR System PDF
yanmar scr system Selective Catalytic Reduction System

Cleaner exhaust gas for ocean and sky More convenience for vessels
Recently, from the point of caring the environment, emission requirements around the world is becoming stricter. TierIII of IMO applied from 2016 says to reduce 80% of NOx exhaust compared to Tier I, in North American Emission Control Area (ECA). In Yanmar, we have developed an SCR system that can solely clear this new environmental regulation requiring this strict NOx reduction. With our unique technology and experience, we have created designs and functions that perfectly fit for vessel use. We provide this SCR system that best matches the engine specification as a high quality solution to customers, that is human-friendly and eco-friendly at the same time.

Compact design : Unified catalyst line and bypass
The newly installed bypass operation, which does not allow exhaust gas to pass through the catalyst, contributes to longer catalyst lifetime and achieves optimum operations adjusting to every marine water. The integrated catalytic reactor facilitates the installation and reduces designing burden at shipy

Efficiency and safety are pursued with various technologies and fully worked‐out plan.

  • By adopting a straight pipe from the urea solution injection nozzle through the catalytic reactor, high denitrification performance is ensured without affecting the piping layout predetermined by shipyards. This design also contributes to ensuring the acquisition of the Scheme-A certificate.
  • The installation of the urea solution injection nozzle downstream of the bypass branching prevents ammonia from leaking to the bypass pipe in case the exhaust valve is broken.
  • The automatic soot blow device prevents soot deposition and catalyst deterioration, and suppresses pressure loss from increasing.
  • The air-assisted urea solution injection improves the denitrification efficiency
  • The injection of urea solution is automatically controlled to the best amount to prevent generating excess ammonia.

Integrated manufacturing of high-quality large engines at Yanmar’s Amagasaki factory.
Amagasaki factory started in 1936 as world’s first factory to produce small sized diesel engines. Today, the factory mass produces large-sized diesel engines for marine and generator use, and also produces diesel and gas engines for land use and general power source. From 1983, the factory also produces gas turbines, and continues to produce high quality products ever since.

Highly accurate and efficient production system
Amagasaki factory uses its unique, high performance devices and advanced machines for automatic and laborsaving operation. Furthermore, a suitable order-entry system matching each product is applied and controlled with an accurate quality management system. Therefore, we are able to produce highly reliable products to customers. Yanmar is the only company that produces the entire engine integrally within one factory.

Engines and SCR system provided together
Through our in-house development taking advantages as an engine manufacturer, such as the technology to control exhaust gas temperature to facilitate reduction reactions, are fully utilized to provide a total SCR system best suited for your engines.

Research and development with advanced technology
Yanmar continues to research and develop environmental-friendly technology in a higher degree, such as developing cleaner emission gas, low fuel consumption, and less vibration and noise, based on our unique engine technology.