Vauxhall Grandland Owner's Manuals

Vauxhall Grandland Owner's Manuals

The New Grandland is an all-round class-leading car, with an advanced plug-in hybrid option and intuitive technology. Like adaptive IntelliLux Pixel
Lights with 84 elements per headlamp, state-of-the-art driver assistance systems and the new fully digital ‘Pure Panel’ dashboard.

Design is New Grandland’s entry level trim which has a high level of specification as standard including the 7-inch colour touchscreen with smartphone projection, 17-inch alloy wheels, dual-zone climate control and more.

The sporty GS Line provides an aggressive look with a black roof and door mirrors combined with 18-inch high gloss black alloy wheels, dark tinted rear windows and high gloss black exterior detailing. Also available as a Plug-in HYBRID-e model.

File NameLink
Vauxhall Grandland 2019 Owner’s Manual
Vauxhall Grandland 2018 Owner’s Manual
Vauxhall Grandland 2017 Owner’s Manual

Plug-in HYBRID-e Specifications
Electrified Transmission
The 8-speed electrified transmission system is standard and offers both smooth transition between gears. The 8-speed electrified gearbox includes the following content:

  • Multi-disc wet clutch replaces removed torque converter
  • Permanent electric motor that transforms electric energy into mechanical drive energy
  • Electric motor installed into the gearbox and petrol engine
  • Comes with intuitive and stylish Automatic gearbox with electric shifter with shift paddles

Drive Mode Selector
The Drive Mode selector is positioned next to the Automatic gearbox with electric shifter and enables drivers to select one of the following:

  • Hybrid is the default mode and offers the best of both worlds between controlled fuel consumption and on-road performance
  • Sport Mode, draws on the combined power of the engine and motor for a more dynamic drive
  • Electric activates the electric engine only, for zero CO2 emissions and complete silence

Fuel tank capacity

  • 43 litres (9.4 gallons)


  • Kerbweight FWD: 1735kg
  • Maximum towing weight FWD: Braked trailer 1250kg (without brakes 600kg)


  • Grandland Plug-in HYBRID-e range comes fitted with a type 2 charging cable and a 3.3kW on-board charger as standard. Includes cable bag at no extra cost
  • A 6.6kW on-board charger can be purchased as an option for £500 inc VAT

This option halves the vehicle charging time when charging with a 7kW wallbox. Please note: A type 2 cable (standard UK socket*) would charge the vehicle in less than 8 hours. Grandland Plug-in HYBRID-e range charging time examples are listed showing times dependant on the various powers of charge point which the vehicle is plugged into.


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